The abundance of such sicknesses which were non-existent or rare, especially in the Muslim community, in former times, just a couple of generations ago, is also among the Signs of the proximity of Qiyaamah according to the Hadith. Today, the atmosphere in the Muslim community reeks of the preponderance of a variety of severe sicknesses and diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc., etc. CANCER has now become a norm.
In most cases as far as the laity is concerned, these sicknesses are forms of the Athaab (Punishment) of Allah Ta’ala for gross disobedience and sin. The consequence of the abundance of sins of Muslims is the abundance of incurable diseases.
When Allah Ta’ala afflicts people with the punishment of disease, then there is no doctor, no hakeem and no medicine that can cure. It is mentioned in the Hadith that sickness is from Allah Ta’ala and so is the cure from Him. Only Allah Ta’ala can cure. Going to the hospital only aggravates the Athaab. Hospital is compounded punishment.
The only way for the acquisition of shifa’ (cure) is to petition Allah Ta’ala. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Whatever is by Allah is obtainable only by means of Taa-at (Obedience).” And, Taa-at means total submission to the Ahkaam – the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala and the adoption of the Sunnah. It means purifying the body and the soul of sins of every kind.
The first step is Taubah, not the mere lip form of reciting Istighfaar litanies. Istighfaar follows Taubah. After a sincere Taubah, will the recitation of Istighfaar be beneficial. The vital and fundamental constituents of Taubah are (1) Honest regret in the heart for the sins committed, and (2) A pledge of totally abandoning the sins. Minus these vital requisites, Tauaba is not valid. When Taubah is not valid, the recitation of Istighfaar litanies is a mockery which will only compound the Athaab.
Once Allah Ta’ala forgives, the Shifa’ Aaayaat, the Ta’weezes, the natural, herbal and hakeem remedies will be fruitful and cure will, Insha-Allah, be bestowed by Allah Ta’ala. If Allah Ta’ala decrees that the sickness will not be cured, then the demand of Imaan is Sabr and Ridha’. The rewards will be phenomenal in the Aakhirah. With Sabr you will leave this dunya with purity and with Imaan intact.


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