A Response by The Millennial Muslimah
As a public figure who has genuine concern for my followers, it is my MORAL OBLIGATION to speak out against this scandalous abomination that has left our community shocked and disgusted. I didn’t feel the need to say anything previously as many had commented however, The sheer hypocrisy and blatant lies shared by her daughter who resorted to defamatory slander of our illustrious scholars on a public platform has convinced me that this is indeed necessary.
Let me begin by refreshing the memories and recalling what transpired in February 2020 when we exposed this vile woman for teaching courses which she was not trained to do by plagiarizing content from various energy healing modalities which are rooted in Kufr and Shirk!
She lures people with FALSE ADVERTISING by claiming her courses are in alignment with Islamic Aqeedah and that they have been checked and approved by respected Islamic scholars. She uses her role and title as an Islamic teacher to convince people of her adherence to and respect for Islamic principles and to lull them into a false sense of security, leading them to trust that the knowledge they gain from her is in adherence with Islam. This was PROVEN to be untrue repeatedly over the course of many years.
These modalities included “THE JOURNEY”
Having been trained in many of these modalities during my days of ignorance, I was able to recognize and identify exactly where these modalities were incorporated into her courses and how they were camouflaged. I drew parallel with my own course notes from these modalities. This information was sent to Ulema together with her modules which we received from ex students together with their testimony against her.
The claim of her daughter that ulema “don’t want to read her content” is a blatant lie in fact, just last month we sent out some copies of manuals as we received a query from ULEMA , we included notes adivising on the various pagan therapies. So the insinuation that ulema are just saying this because they are vindictive and petty and have nothing better to do with their lives so they unanimously decided to gang up on this one random person because she empowers women, is so ludacris its laughable!
Any conscientious Muslim who finds themself in opposition with numerous ulema bodies would be forced to pause and introspect, to really evaluate their behavior and life choices. Not respond with arrogance and get others to do their bidding by attacking anyone who speaks out. The daughter claims she doesn’t use her names on the books she publishes as Ulema have told her not to, but her name is on all her adverts and social media, she even has a website which is her name…
These ulema have publicly called on her to STOP her harmful courses which she blatantly refuses to do! Why the selective compliance? Could it be the hundreds of thousands of Rands that are at stake?
“Oh, but people benefit”
Even HELLO DARLINGS took scores of people on world class holidays, that doesn’t change the fact that it is A SCAM that fleeced people of MILLIONS!.
Unlike the daughter, this is not some naive little girl who is misguided, this is a qualified and highly experienced Apa who should know better. She has even set up her own online Islamic university and claims to be an “islamic professor” yet she has been called out time and time again to stop her practice as it is causing harm in the community.
Dozens of people came forward last time, women who had ruined their marriages by following her advice people who became suicidal , living in regret of ever getting involved and being robbed of their lifesavings. Women who sent in screenshots of people describing, in detail, their intimate relations with their husbands, this was shared on a watsapp group, for dozens others to see!
Men who admitted enjoying the attention of their wives at first but then spoke of a total personality change leading to their wives requiring professional help. Men desperately trying to save their wives from this coven for the sake of their kids.
Girls who were encouraged to question their faith and religion and were taken to interfaith gatherings! Reports of girls who lost their modesty and left the fold of Islam after attending her courses.
We assisted individuals with counseling, many requiring RUQYA to recover from their ordeals.
This woman charges thousands of Rands to do a course on JIHAD UN NAFS, using imam Ghazalis name in her advert. Now she advertises a raunchy course on seduction in an EXPLICITLY WORDED advert that is devoid on an iota of hayaa! A course that, in her own words, is all about sensual pleasure!
How does such obvious hypocrisy fly over the heads of her adoring fans?!
Almost as if they are mesmerized under a spell…
According to her daughter, it’s “just an advert, so it must be exciting “
NO ! That’s not OK! Actions have consequences that can’t just be explained away!
AS an apa does she not know the hadith of Nabi saw is very clear that hayaa (modesty) is a branch of faith. And if you have to lose your hayaa to hold on to your man, girl, your priorities are upside down! If this is what she as an apa is teaching students, and as a mother is teaching her daughter, we should all shudder in horror at the level of depravity we are witnessing!
You can NEVER rescue halal by indulging in Haraam
In an age where porn addiction is claiming families enmasse this behavior only fuels such momentum.
The advert is deliberately worded and Designed to entice while making women who don’t have what she claims to offer feel like they are missing out!
A “tutorial on how different movements affect sensations” an “almost step by step tutorial” to chase after physical pleasure? With her daughter in attendance? Nowhere in her advert does she claim its an “educational course for women with intimacy issues!” (As one student claimed) Even if it were, and 100% legit and halal (which clearly isn’t the case)
let alone charge money for doing so!
This “apa” has taken something that Allah ta ala has ordered to be concealed and portrayed it as a cheap, smutty circus show! 🎪 talk about red flags this is the whole carnival!
Having someone tap into your psyche to tweak it against your fitra, turning you into a dominatrix! Naoozubillah! I am convinced that these are nothing short of training camps for the army of Dajjal! We seek Allah’s Divine Protection!
There is NO “EMPOWERMENT” here!
This woman who took great offense to an article I wrote entitled “the dark side of life coaching” sending hateful comments in her groups about it, now feels that people speaking out against her immoral, dishonest, criminal behavior is unjustified! Oh, the irony!
The cultish onslaught by her droves of flying monkeys on individuals who reacted with shock and disgust at her public advert is inexcusable! Harassing people and resorting to cyber bullying to defend the head of their coven. Women who forked out tens of thousands of Rands, scrambling to save face and hold on to a shred of credibility! Makes you wonder at they type of training they have received since they clearly cannot keep a hold of their own emotions.
They did the same last time as well, painting her as a victim who was simply “misunderstood”. While behind my back they attempted to smear my name with slander and when that didn’t work they tried to silence me by threatening legal action!
She even had the nerve to send me a hate filled email bashing a very personal post where I explained how I found out that the modalities I had studied were rooted in paganism! the email was written in the third person and was clearly for the benefit of pacifying her minions, so I didn’t dignify it with a response. I will happily share this email should anyone choose to deny its existence and we can all marvel at the malicious vitriol that festers beneath the facade. May Allah protect us all.
We have been hearing about this “simple misunderstanding” with ulema for years
As we said then, we repeat now, I will gladly avail myself and my legal team, fly to jhb at my own expense if need be, to clarify on behalf of the concerned public any issues between this Apa and Ulema pending receipt of the following proof of her own claims which we have been waiting on for YEARS!

  1. The name of the Ulema who she claimed checked and approved her course material.
  2. Proof that she is qualified to teach the modalities she teaches.
  3. Proof that she is qualified to train people in the modalities she offers training.
    For those who choose to DEFEND her please provide these PROOFS BEFORE you attempt such. Without proof of the claims she herself made in her own words, she is nothing but a liar and a con artist who preys on the vulnerable and continues to scam people out if their hard earned cash. This is the opposite of empowerment! I will not entertain private messages in her defense as I’ve been down this road before and have no interest in talking to the “middle people” (She knows exactly where to find me)
    Anyone who was harmed or threatened, or requires legal assistance or counseling with regards to this particular individual, please contact me PRIVATELY we will attempt to assist in sha Allah
    You will be kept anonymous

Qalamul Haq

Fatema Loonat is a no Ego practioner and runs an abundance course, this she gained from new age philosophy of Brian brains and Deepak Chopra who didn’t believe in a formally religion.
She takes their philosophy which leads mankind to themselves and recognizing their own power (which stems from new age garbage of Man himself being God) she tries to cover it up with Islamic terms, this of course has disastrous consequences for one’s Imaan, this is why it has lead to immodesty and feminism.
We stated that we will provide evidence for her courses being gleaned from Kufr ideologies. So here we present some of it for you to look at.
We leave it to the reader to use Aql (intelligence and common sense) to decide if this is coincidence or if the Appa and the Kufaar who designed such courses provide the same teachings-teachings which are based in Kufr and steeped in Imaani danger.

the majlis


Worse than the worst kuffaar prostitutes, and worse than the worst lesbians is a so-called ‘aapa’ who has initiated the vilest, most disgusting school of prostitution for such prostitutes who masquerade as ‘muslims’. Her objective is to teach more effective arts of prostitution. The sexual filth she promotes is the worse form of immoral satanism unheard of even in kuffaar circles of prostitution, lesbianism and the like.

This vile she-devil is the type of woman mentioned in the Hadith, who will be hung up by her breasts naked in Jahannum. There is no worse agent of Iblees in the sphere of immorality than this miserable Rubbish Prostitute who masquerades as a Muslim. It is imperative for the Azaadville Ulama and the Azaadville community to drive this vile witch and abominable wretch of filth out of their town.

A Muslim woman who participates in the filthy shaitani programs of this Rubbish Prostitute/Lesbian loses her Imaan. This type of she-devil and those who join her rubbish class of immoral filth are fuel for Jahannam (Wuqoodun Naar). They were born for Jahannam. Not even Iblees is capable of the type of sexual filth which this Rubbish Prostitute is promoting.

May the La’nat of Allah Azza Wa Jal destroy this vile she-devil who is without the slightest vestige of doubt the worst and the vilest and the most immoral woman on earth. History has never witnessed such a vile creature whose brains and hearts are vermiculated with immorality and obscenity of the worst kind.

18 Rabiul Awwal 1444 – 15 October 2022

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