The deviation & ‘bida’ of Madkhalis: Wrongly putting multiple secular rulers under the same Shari’ rights as a unitary Caliphate

Abdullah al Andalusi

The term Madkhali comes from the opinions of Rabee al-Madkhali, a Saudi scholar who promoted strict obedience to those identifying themselves as Muslims and holding power (via their factions) over the affairs of the Muslims – more specifically, the Saudi faction’s control over Arabia.

Rabee wasn’t the first, or only scholar to argue as such, but became a notable advocate for obedience to those who assume the title of ‘ruler’.

The deviation & ‘bida’ of Madkhalis consists in:

  1. Their demand Muslims don’t question the legitimacy of the ‘rulers’
  2. Claiming that Muslims cannot even publicly command the good and forbid evil against these regimes
  3. Secular regimes that legislate kufr laws over Allah’s laws, are still legitimate regimes for obedience

In essence, Madkhalis treat the multitude of modern secular ‘rulers’ as being owed the same Islamic legal obligations upon Muslims, as a unitary Caliphate with 100% Islamic laws.

And as a defence…

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