Raising Children & LGBT Part 2

Sheikhonderun's Weblog

Excerpt from Dr Kanwal Kaisser’s speeches.

Being a parent how does one face today’s challenges that are constantly increasing? We should be aware and possess knowledge about these. Now its not even limited to homosexuality there are so many new terms that are coming about. People are getting comfortable with these new terms. In the past, these terms were considered immoral, prohibited and obscene. Now its propagated this is people’s ‘preference’ and ‘choice’. Muslims such as us that had never researched these issues, had never contemplated over how can children be protected from this.

We are paralyzed and choose to be in state of fear. We don’t try to get awareness of the issue, we tell our children ‘its nothing’ despite our children are constantly being exposed to this.

First thing we need to understand is lot of research and work that is happening is there to support it. They…

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