Desiring & Getting what we want doesn’t guarantee Benefit

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Excerpt from Umar Palanpuri’s speeches.

One more thing I want to say don’t insist that this want of mine has to be fulfilled. In some cases, getting what we want is beneficial to us and in some case cases not getting what we want is beneficial for us. Only Allah knows what is beneficial and what’s not. Why then should we insist?

For example, passenger has his suitcase, passport, ticket everything is ready except boarding the airplane. Check-in is also done. As passenger was about to board the plane a thief stole his suitcase which contained his passport as well. Now infront of the passenger, everyone else is boarding the plane except him.

Seeing all this the passenger starts exclaiming “this is so unfortunate, why did this happen? This work had to be completed! Now I cannot do it. My whole plan failed.” In anguish he would say all this…

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