In 20-30 Years: No More Islam in America

By Daniel Haqiqatjou -June 9, 2017

Islam in America?

What percentage of people who are raised as Muslims continue to identify as Muslims as adults (in the US)?

According to Pew, only 77%.

23% do not identify as Muslims as adults even though they were raised as Muslims.

(Of course, that 77% is just self-identification, so should come with plenty of caveats.)

The real question is, out of those 77%, how many are in a position to pass Islam onto their children?

Would 50% be a generous estimate? If so, then even with that generous estimate, how many generations will it take for the American Muslim population to disappear?

Well, if these numbers are accurate, why aren’t US mosques shutting down at the same rate as churches and synagogues?

Short answer: immigration from Muslim countries.

In other words, the US Muslim community is not self-sustaining. Immigration masks that reality.

What should we be doing now in order to ensure that within 20-30 years, Islam still has a presence in the US?


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