BY: Qalamul Haq

1. In acquiring a secular school or university education , do you believe that your Rizq will increase beyond what was written for you?

2. Are you able to acquire the knowledge and skills in an environment where the laws of Allah Ta’ala will not be transgressed at all- no intermingling , no haraam of other kinds.

3. Are you able to protect your daughters from zina with Muslim and non Muslim men, from feminist ideas, from putting marriage on hold until the studies are finished, and then IF she gets married, from putting her career before her family or “sharing” roles with her husband and raising children in a home where the dynamic is contrary to the Quraan and our fitrah. Is this all worth having a now indoctrinated professional to serve the Muslim community.

4. Are you able to remove from all the course material , the atheism and liberal values that are part of the modern education system and supplant it with Tawheed and the true understanding of where the knowledge originates?

5. Do you guarantee the imaan of your children when they graduate after they have been exposed to every ideology that ridicules and undermines their imaan and everything a Muslim believes without proof. If so will they be doctors who don’t practice “evidence based medicine” , or lawyers who don’t apply a law other than the law of Allah so they are not out of the fold of Islam, or accountants that don’t touch riba.

6. How will you protect them from all these things and then enter them into a work environment where every step is a transgression of Allah’s laws and you have to ignore aspects of your deen to climb the corporate ladder or succeed within the profession and the culture that surrounds it- Friday afternoon drinks – rainbow tags for lgbt etc

7. How many deeni Muslim lawyers and doctors did we find during covid – how many opposed the mainstream narratives and how many went with the flow and bought in hook line and sinker- and became agents of the agenda of the disbelievers. Ask the professionals who stood for deen what they think about the education system and their colleagues who chose another way- the majority way by far.

8. No one is against knowledge- all knowledge is from Allah. We are against indoctrination and assimilation into that which will corrupt our beliefs and practice of our deen. Look at evolution, sex education and lgbt being rolled out to babies in the early grades. What do you think happens higher up.

9. Look at the universities, super bright Muslim students from deeni homes becoming murtad and calling towards disbelief. Muslim girls without hijab dancing in solidarity with Palestine or for some other liberal humanitarian cause without the slightest understanding of the laws of deen. This is not about denying the ummah the skills, it’s about protecting the akhira of our children.

10. Are we saying we will do the deen a disservice unless we borrow from the kufaar and their system? That we need to be on par with them to compete at their level? If that’s true then we have lost before beginning because our minds are already colonized and we recognize progress as what they have not what Allah and His Rasool (peace be upon him) have given us. We ignore the qualities of Allah and what He gives to the believers. If our idea of cutting edge is what the kufaar posses of knowledge and technology then we will never fight them on behalf of the deen. They will just churn out more uncle Tom’s from their institutions who will do their bidding for them. More bin Salmans , bin Zayeds, Sisis, secular professionals and self loathing muslims.

11. You think their education gives you the upper hand, it strips you of all the power you would otherwise have on account of your imaan, your Tawheed and the nasr of your Lord, that by the time you qualify (assuming you had the best intention to help the deen,) you emerge no more than a product of their well oiled machine and an “enlightened soul” who no longer has the will to oppose their designs- who has bought into their culture and instead becomes a prop that holds up their system. A prop that is afraid to lose its place and can never undermine the very system it depends on for its position and survival. A prop that becomes nothing if the system does not exist.

12. When you ask this graduate who is meant to have qualified to become an asset of the deen, to take a stand, to sacrifice or to risk something for the sake of the deen, he cannot forgo all that he has worked so hard to achieve and the Rizq which he believes came from his education and hard work. Is this the believer that will trade his life and wealth for jannah. Is he working for jannah or dunya. A simple man who believes in Rizq from Allah and is not invested in the system of kufr is far safer in his imaan and hope for reward from his Lord and as an asset to this ummah. He is not forced to integrate.

13. Those that are part of the system become invested in their education, in the culture of their professions, it matters what their colleagues (especially the non muslim ones) think of them, they need to avoid ridicule or doing anything which will reflect negatively on them within their new paradigm. How is this new product of the education system equipped to serve the deen- what distinguishes him from a kaafir who renders the same service – how different is his advice from his colleagues- did the mainstream Muslim doctors and lawyers say anything different from the non Muslim ones during covid- how did their “muslimness” help them except those very few who risked everything to go against the tide- who spoke Quraan and sunnah- who simply used the skills to try to get an advantage against the kufaar- who have no regard for the letters before or after their name- who wanted to be counted as Muslims – they were negligible in relation to the rest and they do not define themselves by their professions- many loath the professions and every aspect which contradicts the sharia- those are not the professionals that are respected- they are the ones who stand shoulder to shoulder with the ulema of haqq who aspire to defend the deen and take it forward and they are the very same ones who are warning against the danger of the education system to our Imaan and deen.

اللهم ارنا الحق حقاً وارزقنا اتباعه وارنا الباطل باطلا وارزقنا اجتناب

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