Raising Children & LGBT Part 1

Sheikhonderun's Weblog

Excerpt from Dr Kanwal Kaisser’s speeches (notes in brackets)

We get children from different age groups. In the age group 5-8 years old, we teach them Stories of Prophets. We came across the story of Prophet Lut. We asked ourselves should we narrate this story or not. If we do narrate this story what of it should we mention? Given that in different parts of world, laws supporting homosexuality are being passed. We are still uneasy whether we should discuss this topic or not.

Our children are consuming media, they are watching and hearing this. If they are travelling anywhere they can see this. So the foundation of our children is weakened. Sometimes they are naive they are not able to understand. We don’t know how to explain to them either. Given children are being exposed to this, its appropriate that discussion is held with parents as well.

The lesson…

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