Liberalism Destroys Love and the Sharia Promotes It

By Daniel Haqiqatjou -September 20, 2022

Liberalism destroys love. This is because loving relationships require duties and accountability.

The duty children have to obey parents and the duty parents have to provide for their children creates a strong bond of love.

The duty wives have to be faithful to their husbands and the duty husbands have to provide for their wives creates a strong bond of love.

The duty the community has to respect and follow a righteous amir and the duty the amir has to protect the community creates a strong bond of love.

The duty we have to worship Allah and the mercy Allah has in providing us everything that we have creates a strong bond of love.

This love that is generated in these relationships is natural. That is how our minds and hearts work. Feelings of dependence and reciprocal accountability that come from these hierarchical relationships naturally generates love.

But liberalism says that duties are oppressive, hierarchies are oppressive, and that we should always strive for freedom from all duties and equality of all.

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Children shouldn’t be “slaves” to their parents.

Wives shouldn’t be “slaves” to their husbands.

Community members shouldn’t be “slaves” to their amirs.

Humans shouldn’t be “slaves” to God.

All should be equal and independent.

This has the effect of destroying the very duties and accountability that are the basis for loving relationships.

This is why liberal societies are falling apart and depression is at epidemic levels. All these people feel alone and isolated. That is the result of the freedom which has sundered all the meaningful bonds that give life purpose.

Islam, on the other hand, strengthens these bonds by formalizing the hierarchical relationships and the duties required from all to one another. This is the Sharia and it is taught via the Islamic sciences: Fiqh, aqida, tazkiya, etc.

The Sharia promotes love.

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