Muslim Shī’ah Relations

As Muslims, we need to:

  1. Understand that Shī’asm is kufr.
  2. Understand that Shī’ahs who know their religion cannot be considered
  3. Shun them completely & cut off all ties with them if such ties exist.
  4. Keep our families and dear ones far from them and their influence.
  5. Maintain hatred in our hearts for their beliefs and actions.
  6. Confine ourselves to the writings and lectures of reliable, upright and
    pious Ulamā instead of exposing ourselves to content online.
  7. Be wary and shun anyone who “sings the tunes” of Shī’asm, Sunnī-Shī’ī
    unity and similar issues. This does not require one to be trigger-happy in
    declaring people “Shī’ah” or “pro-Shī’ah”. It merely means that one
    should always be alert, vigilant and cautious, especially when dubious
    statements are made.

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