Hijrah to the West: Where Do You Want to Die?

By Hud Lesprit -September 16, 2022

Modern society and its individualism tore humans from their habitats and made them unaware of their reality: every soul will taste death. Living in small communities makes you experience death in many ways. From slaughtering your meat to burying your loved ones, death is always present.

With our modern condition, our life has become smoother. We hide death away in boxes and forget its significant presence in our lives.

How rare are those that ponder upon the destroyer of pleasures? 

The masses have evolved into a creature that no author of science fiction could have thought up: a being untouched by death.

No wonder then, that in such a context, the Occidental Muslim inhabiting this no-death zone does not think about their own demise.

If they contemplated about it they would flee, because death is uncertain, and no believing heart would wish to buried next to a rapist or any other kind of fasiq.

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Most men have a desire to be laid to rest with the one they love. Abu Bakr and Umar (may Allah be pleased with them) wished to be placed near the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). Ibn Kathir asked to be buried next to his teacher Ibn Taymiyyah. And many first-wave migrants ask to be transferred and buried in their homeland after they die (despite this delay in burial being problematic from an Islamic legal perspective).

Yet many are falling for the gamble of life – extending their stay in an unfamiliar land; only to amass material gain from this brief and imperfect life.

They forget the harsh truth:

No soul knows what it will earn for tomorrow, and no soul knows in what land it will die. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.

Surah 31: 34

During Covid, numerous people had no choice but to be buried where they were – despite this being contrary to what they wanted.

They lost the gamble. 

Thank God that, at the time, it was still possible to be placed in Muslim graveyards. But many Muslims underestimate the extent of the evil of the kuffar, and they will soon lose that privilege.

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As a recent article from radiofrance pointed out, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a spot within Muslim cemeteries in France. Some of the elected actually want to forbid specific spaces for Muslims within graveyards because they consider it to be separatism.

The reason for this column is the story of a dear friend. She told me last fall that her mother was dying. Of Muslim faith, she wished to be buried in the village of Picardie, where she had lived for so many years. Next to her children… in a Muslim grave; a simple burial towards Mecca. However, the village’s mayor, without forbidding her access to the cemetery, refused her this wish. His first argument? Secularism.

I then began to be interested in this subject I knew nothing about. And that’s where my “what now?” comes in. Because in the regional daily press, I discovered that many French people of the Muslim faith were facing increasing difficulty finding a burial place. In many communes, muscular tensions arose, exacerbated during the Covid pandemic, during which the number of deaths exploded. On the one hand, bereaved families want to keep the remains and the burial site of their loved ones close to them. On the other hand, elected officials, and mayors, are placed on the front line because, in France, municipalities are responsible for the management of cemeteries. Since June 16, and following a request from a former elected official from Savoie, the Council of State has been considering the issue of Muslim burial grounds….

“Muslim squares soon forbidden in France? The State Council is taken over the issue as a former elected from Savoie went to the court, considering these graveyards as “a form of religious separatism.” according to Le Figaro (right-wing French journal)”

It should now be clear to everybody that secularism is indeed a religion. If it wasn’t, then why would it concern itself over people after they’ve died and passed on?

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Muslims in the West want to stay for money and comfort, but France wants them to stay to steal their faith away from them.

Losing faith for mundane pleasure is a trade denounced over and over again in the Qur’an. Our lord presses upon the fact that it is a big loss in both worlds. It is time for Muslims living in the West to wake up.

And do not trade Allah’s covenant for fleeting gain. What is with Allah is certainly far better for you, if only you knew.

Whatever you have will end, but whatever Allah has is everlasting. And We will certainly reward the steadfast according to the best of their deeds.

Surah 16: 95-96


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