Refuting the Contention that Queen Elizabeth II was a Descendant of Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)

Islam Reigns

Most of the readers might have come across a report or heard of it in the past few years which claimed that the lineage of the now deceased Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, can be traced back 43 generations to the Prophet of Islam. This news was propagated so much that The Economist, Newsweek, Times of London, Observer, Daily Mail and other newspapers around the world printed this on their front pages. Muslim nations too showed great interest in this news.

To begin, we shall briefly mention as to when and by whom this claim was first made, after which we shall examine its reality.

In the United Kingdom (UK), there is an organization called Burke’s Peerage that researches the genealogies of the British aristocracy. This institution was established in 1828 and since then it has been publishing books on genealogies of various celebrities once in a while.


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