On “Overpopulation” Myth Created by the West

Islam Reigns

By Mohmand Afghan

There is no overpopulation crisis, there are no food shortages – it is just a mismanagement of resources, due to capitalistic human greed. A single grain planted in the earth gives back 500 grains in return!

Planet earth is vast … it survived meteor strikes, dinosaurs, volcanoes, floods, etc… do you really think it’s going to collapse because of some cows farting or some plastic bags we use?!

No , planet earth will be fine – but yes, we do need to look after it, it’s our home.

The real reason why some upper-class people are pushing this narrative of overpopulation is because: the average lower-class families in the poor third-world countries are having 5-6 kids and in the rich countries upper-class families are having 1-2 kids.

For example Japan, which is a rich country – its current population is 120 million – but by the year…

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