Things that will change your thoughts and ideas about life

According to Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, may God have mercy on him, he says:
Give events and incidents the importance they deserve. Do not look for your value in the eyes of people, but find out your value from your own conscience. If the conscience is calm, then the rank and status will be elevated by itself.

If you know yourself, people’s comments about you will not bother you.

Do not worry about this world because it is in Allah’s control, do not worry about sustenance because it is Allah’s responsibility and stop worrying about the future because the future is in Allah’s hands. The only concern you should have is how to please Allah, because if you please Allah, He will be pleased with you, He will make you happy, He will be sufficient for you, and He will give you abundant wealth. Will make money.

If a life full of sorrows has made your heart cry tears of blood, then do not be a victim of despair, but pray to Allah that O Allah! Give me the best reward in this world and the hereafter.

Worry is removed by Sajdah and happiness is obtained by preaching.

Allah will never forget the good that you did to someone, nor will He forget the sorrow that You removed from a distressed situation, nor will He forget the eye that was about to cry but You gave it happiness. Made it shine.

Live your life on these principles:

✳️ Be kind, even if no one gives you kindness. Do good for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of people, for Allah loves those who do good.

✳️ Open your hands for charity, as a result the ropes of suffering will be loosened from your shoulders.

✳️ Know that you need to give charity more than receiving charity.

  • These are very useful things. I offer this to the person whom I love for the sake of Allah and that person is you. Take advantage of what you say and make your life worth living.*

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