Author’s Foreword
The book “I’tikaf Course” which is a priceless gift for the Mu’takifeen1 is in your hands. There were two primary reasons for its compilation:
1- Many Muslims perform the Ibadah2 of I’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan. The blessed moments of Ramadan, the remembrance of Allah and His worship, in the blessed environs of the Masjid, has its own natural resplendence, but due to ignorance of the rules of I’tikaf, innumerable errors occur, to the extent that, at times, even the I’tikaf becomes invalid. For this reason, a great need was perceived to compile the essential rulings of I’tikaf in a concise manner.
2- The combination of ten days of seclusion and the spiritual environment of the Masjid creates an extremely valuable opportunity for the Mu’takif’s intellectual and practical reformation. When a person devotes himself to anything with determination, then, undoubtedly, it will penetrate his heart. For this reason, the need arose to compile such a course, which in keeping with ten days of I’tikaf, will be concise and effective.

1 Mu’takifeen is the plural of Mu’takif. A Mu’takif is a person in I’tikaaf (confining oneself to the Masjid for the sake of Allah).
2 Ibaadah = a form of worship.
For these reasons, this course has been compiled, comprising of: essential rulings of I’tikaf, specific practices of I’tikaf, some fundamental principles, and realities and a collection of 40 Ahadith on different topics.
Every effort has been made to keep this course as brief as possible for ease in its learning and teaching. Accordingly, Masail are stated without the evidences they are based on.
Achieving maximum benefit from the Course
One method of benefitting from this course is for the Imam or an Alim linked to the Masjid to set one time in which to, daily, teach the course to the Mu’takifeen and wherein they may discuss the same. A second time is set for the lesson to be repeated wherein the Alim will listen to the course being explained by the Mu’takifeen. To simplify matters, the course has been divided into 9 or 10 parts so that one part may be discussed every day.
Another manner of benefitting from the course is to divide the 9 or 10 parts amongst the Mu’takifeen for their personal study. They will in turn revert to the Imam or an Alim for any areas that require clarification. However, the first method is easier and has greater benefit.
Give great importance to making Dua during your I’tikaf and make special Dua for the safety of the Muslim world. Kindly remember this incapable one in your Duas as well, that Allah Ta’ala may use him for His Deen and grant him a death on Iman.
Was Salam
Muhammad Ilyas Ghuman
Markaz Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, Khanqah Hanfia, Sarghoda

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