Islam Reigns

By Sikander Iqbal

The Qur’ān was revealed upon the Prophet ﷺ in the dialect of the seven Arab tribes. Namely; Quraīsh, Huzaīl, Thaqīf, Hawāzin, Kināna, Tamīm and Yaman. Each tribe did not have open permission to recite anyhow in their own dialect, rather, they were dependant upon the approbation of the Prophet ﷺ. The fundamental differences of the readings are extracted from these seven dialects. Likewise, with Jibrīl Amīn, during the month of Ramadan, the Prophet ﷺ would revise the Qur’ān, including wordings, detailed variations, semantics and meanings.

They were as follows:

1. Altering a letter with another, alongside a change in it’s meaning, without changing the written version. 
For example:

تَبْلُوْا – تَتْلُوْا

2. Altering a letter with another, alongside change in it’s meaning and written version.
For example:

مِنْكُمْ – مِنْهُمْ

3. Change in diacritical markings, in addition to change in it’s meaning. 
For example:

وَقَدْ اَخَذَ مِيْثَاقَكُمْ…

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