The Reality of Indian Tablighis and Indian Muslims – A Lament of an Indian Brother

Islam Reigns

Asalaam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Respected brother, hope this finds you in Aafiyah.

I recently read your article about the plight of Indian Muslims. Regarding this mail, I humbly request you to share it in your site for people to read and comprehend the truth.

Hereafter, I thought to mail you to inform you about the ground reality of the Muslims in India to acquaint you and our Muslim brotherhood abroad with more details about the fitnah-mongering of Indian Muslims. Whatever you have written in your article is 100% true, but that is only the tip of an iceberg.

In my limited opinion, the evil deeds of the Indian Muslims themselves is serving as the medium of their destruction in India at the hands of Hindus. I and my family are victim to the schemes and plots of these Indian Muslims, (atleast that is what we have suffered at…

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