Advice to Mother/Sister in-law

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Excerpt from Dr Kanwal Kaisser’s speeches on Marriage.

We come across the verse:

“And live with them in kindness” (4:19)

This instruction was given to men. That they should live (with their wives) in kindness. With love, affection and live in good manner.

Many amongst us may be thinking what is that verse? What number is it? Today I am going to go show this to my husband. But what if it was your son or brother. Will we teach this verse to him? “Son, take care of your wife”. Will a sister remind her brother “your mother is old she is not able to do a lot of things but be aware that your wife has rights over you as well”.

In those instances we will not mention this. We will conceal those verses (as it may be against one’s self interest).

Mothers tell their son “keep her straight…

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