A Fake “Hadith” of the Tablighis

Islam Reigns

I have heard the following statement several times from the Tablighis working in the field of Da’wah:

“In a certain battle the Muslims were suffering some loss. So, the leader pondered over the matter and came to the conclusion that this great Sunnah was being left out. He then commanded the army to use the miswak. When the enemy saw this, they became afraid and fled thinking that the Muslims are sharpening their teeth to eat them.”

There is no such Hadith, Aqwal of Sahabah Ridwan’ullah Ajmaeen or incident that exists. Using such foolish ideas to boost the iman of Muslims are nothing but leads to grave failure.

This is not the correct method of asking people to get closer to Sunnah. And Rasul’Allah ﷺ himself and his Sahabi would have never utilize such ideas.

Rasul’Allah ﷺ build soldiers, army, armors, sheilds to fight in the path of Allah.


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