Islam & going along with the times?

19 November 2016

Hazrat Maseehul-Ummat RA says:

Allah Ta’ala states: “O Believers! Enter Islam completely!” (Sura Baqara, verse 208). This command will apply for all times, till the Day of Qiyaamah. So then, what does it mean (when people say) that “we should go along with the times; we should flow with the (trends of) society”? Further on Allah Ta’ala says: “And do not follow the footsteps of Shaytaan.” One who follows the environment of the society he lives in and adopts its trends and fashions, is a follower of Shaytaan.

People say ‘the Molvis are behind times; they are old-fashioned and backwards’; Allah knows what other titles they give the Ulema. They regard themselves as enlightened and advanced and accuse the Ulema of being antiquated. However, this is a Shaytaani thought and subservience to Shaytaan.

In another verse Allah Ta’ala states: “O Believers! Take charge of your selves, then those who have gone astray shall not be able to harm you once you have achieved guidance” (Surah Maa-idah, verse 105). In this verse Allah Ta’ala is negating the concept of adhering to trends and fashions of a society. And Allah wants us to become firm on Deen. When we are grounded in His Guidance then the environment of our society can never harm us. Once people around you see your firmness on Deen, they will refrain from negative statements.

Malfoozhaat Maseehul-Ummat

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