Those connected with this humble servant and particularly the Khulafa are specially warned that pictures of living objects are categorically impermissible in Islam be it be a picture from a Camera or digital camera or a moving (videos) these are all impermissible. If someone declares a (conventional) camera to be a (digital) device this is his own action but we remain on the way of our elders and deem all sorts of pictures to be impermissible. By the same extension how can teaching women on a (video) screen or to show one’s own image to Non-Mehram women be permissible? If our elders forbade teaching women through a (physical) barrier then how can it be permissible for men to show their image to Non-Mehram women?
Shaykh (Hakeemul-Ummat) Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) used to say that Amaliyaat lead to the destruction of inner (Baatini) Nisbat. Today, the rules and regulations of Sharia are being clearly violated in the name of Amaliyaat e.g. meeting Non-Mehram women in isolation and to blow on Non-Mehram women which are all impermissible acts. Therefore those who are connected with me are strictly forbidden from visiting Amils or carrying Amaliyaat themselves.
If there is a difference of opinion then instead of criticising each other publicly contact the Khanqah and act on the advice given (from here). The guidelines of this path is to act upon the teachings of the Shaykh and to remain on his way.
All those who are connected (in general) and the Khulafa in particular are specifically instructed to obey the Shariah in all facets and not to do anything against the Sharia.
If the instructions above are violated, Khilafah will be rescinded.
Muhammad Akhtar
22nd of Rajab 1430
16th of July 2009

Qalamul HaqQalamul Haq South East Asia

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