Is it permissible to invite non-Muslims into the Musjid?

The disingenuous narratives of the moron muftis (maajin muftis) of our time have cast into confusion the laymen and even sincere molvis who are not grounded in the Ilm of the Deen. 

There are two types of maajin muftis. For the edification of readers, a maajin mufti in terms of the Shariah is a thick-skulled, stupid, shameless so-called ‘mufti’ who lacks in adequate Ilm, who gropes in the darkness of his nafs, and who is bereft of Taqwa. In a true Islamic state such a brainless impudent character will be estopped from issuing fatwa, and if he persists, he will be flogged and imprisoned. It is just unfortunate that nowadays the trend is mass production. Darul Iftas staffed by maajin muftis have mushroomed, and along with it misguidance has spread and ruined Akhlaaq and Imaan of the masses. 

The one kind of moron (maajin) mufti is sincere, but is not grounded in Ilm. His knowledge of the Deen at the higher level is pathetic. Nowadays the Madaaris produce almost exclusively maajin muftis. Most of them are of the second category, namely devils in human form (shayaateenul ins). In the description of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), they have the hearts of wolves. They are driven by either hubb-e-jah (love for name/fame) or by hubb-e-maal (love for wealth), or by both. 

The first kind of moron mufti is cast into bewilderment and confusion when the second kind of moron mufti tears Fiqhi ibaaraat (texts from the kutub of Fiqh) out of their context and without understanding the circumstances and scenarios for the application of the texts, then structures his fatwa of jahl on its basis. Thus he casts the awaamun nass (the general public) into confusion with his smattering of knowledge anchored to the dictates of his nafs. 

The first kind of moron mufti despite his sincerity becomes the victim of the jahaalat and nafsaaniyat of the second kind of maajin mufti. His (i.e. the first kind of moron mufti’s) superficial knowledge does not permit him to see beyond the confines of his nose. He is unable to distinguish between right and left, hence he is entrapped by the stupid fatwas of moron muftis of the second kind. 

However, if the moron mufti of the first kind has cultivated Taqwa, then by virtue of his purified Baatin he will be able to understand and even spiritually feel the incongruency and butlaan of the stupid fatwa of the moron mufti of the second kind. The purified heart of the Mu’min becomes a guide, hence Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded us: “Seek a fatwa from your heart.” But a heart enshrouded and darkened with zulmat (spiritual darkness) is incapable of traversing beyond the confines of his villainous nafs. 

The issue under discussion is not merely the simple act of a non-Muslim entering the Musjid or being allowed into the Musjid for a valid Shar’i reason. A host of evils is attached to today’s practice of inviting non-Muslims into the Musjid. Thus, the issue is Inviting non-Muslims into the Musjid. It is not simply about a non-Muslim entering the Musjid. 

An important Fiqhi principle to remember is that any permissibility which leads to haraam, also becomes haraam. 

By Allah’s fadhl we have explained in detail in this brief treatise the Shariah’s prohibition which will, Insha-Allah, be readily absorbed by the sincere seekers of the Haqq.


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