A Sister from Pakistan provides some very beneficial remedies in her letter which is reproduced hereunder:


This is in reference to the article “Shenanigans of Doctors”. The sister is so right about Doctors prescribing over dosage of painkillers and other medicines.

This Ramadhan the mother-in-law of my grand daughter called me at Sehri and said that my grand daughter had high fever and body pain, should she give her two Panadols (a pain killer). I immediately suggested to her not to give the painkiller, instead make her drink a large glass of water every ten minutes. In an hour she will pass much urine, and her fever will subside and the body pain will be significantly reduced. Continue this the entire day.

However, she put the phone down and called a doctor who advised her to give two Panadols to the “patient’. This she gave at once. My grand daughter started to perspire excessively after 15 minutes and collapsed. The inlaws and her husband panicked, and called me again. I warned them not to take her to any hospital as she will get worse with the emergency treatment, but to give her plain water and boil a teaspoon of Saunf (Fennel) in a glass of water for two minutes and make her sip it hot, she will get better, Insha-Allah.

Saunf is a “Diuretic” and helps to clean kidneys. This is not my prescription but the prescription of great Hakeems. Saunf tea should be given thrice a day.

Alhamdolillah, with this water and “Saunf tea” treatment my grand daughter recovered so fast that she was up and about in a couple of days and Alhamdolillah, she did not need to visit any Doctor.

Mufti Saheb there are such easy and simple Hakeem prescriptions for all ailments but even if informed, people do not pay any heed to it and rush to doctors. A friend of mine had very high blood pressure I suggested that she boils a teaspoon of whole coriander seeds in a glass of water for three minutes and drink it a bit hot (not very) thrice a day and keep on taking this thrice a day for at least fifteen days. Alhamdolillah, her blood pressure became normal in just 3/4 days.

These are prescriptions of great Hakeems of the past, not mine. Taking tablets is easy for all but making and taking these simple but sure remedies, is spurned


Shifa is only from Allah Ta’ala, if He wills a sip of water and a pinch of ash can and will give Shifa.


6 Muharram 1444 – 5 August 2022

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