Is Javed Ghamidi a Secret Qādiyānī?

The scholars who understand the methodology of Ghamidi recognize the issues and topics which he tries to cast doubt upon.
It is interesting to note that with regard to the belief of the finality of Nubuwwah (Prophethood), Ghamidi claims to have faith in it, but he curiously adopts a very soft stance on Mirza Ghulam Aḥmad Qādiyānī.
Ghamidi tries to present Qādiyānī as a ‘pious man.’[1] Ghamidi also says that if anyone claims to be a Muslim (which Qādiyānī does), then he (Ghamidi) has no right to state otherwise.[2] This is despite the fact that there is a scholarly consensus regarding the Qādiyānīs being disbelievers—in fact they have been declared disbelievers by thousands upon thousands of ‘Ulamā’. Moreover, they have even been declared to be a non-Muslim minority by court order in Pakistan.
Hereunder we shall present some of the stances of Javed Ghamidi on a number of pertinent issues—stances which closely resemble those of Mirza Ghulam Aḥmad Qādiyānī, the lying dajjāl (imposter).
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Denial of the Life of Sayyidunā ‘Isā ‘alayhi as-salām
‘The grave of Sayyidunā ‘Isā ‘alayhi as-salām is in Jerusalem. It is present there to this day.’[3]
‘Whatever I have understood regarding Sayyidunā Masīḥ ‘alayhi as-salām from the Noble Qur’ān, it is that his soul was taken and immediately thereafter, his blessed body was raised, so that the Jews do not desecrate it.’[4]
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Denial of the Descent of Sayyidunā ‘Isā ‘alayhi as-salām
‘Besides myself, there is no place for any Masīḥ to set foot in the world after my time.’[5]
‘Although the Muḥaddithīn have generally accepted the reports on the descent of Masīḥ, but look in the light of the Noble Qur’ān, these reports seem problematic. Despite being of a problematic nature, there is no indication of this occurrence anywhere in the Noble Qur’ān. Can knowledge and the intellect be satisfied and content with this? It is not east to accept it.’[6]
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Denial of the Mahdī
‘I also say regarding the promised Mahdī that whatever Aḥādīth there are, all of them are defective and not a single one is authentic.’[7]
‘There is no need to wait for any promised Mahdī.’[8]
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May Allāh Ta’ālā protect the Muslim Ummah from every imposter and liar. Āmīn.
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