Costume lovers flock to biggest masquerade party in Saudi Arabia
Friday March 18, 2022 / 15 , Sha’ban , 1443
Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Riyadh Season has introduced another huge surprise on Thursday when cosplay and costume lovers flocked to Boulevard Riyadh City and Winter Wonderland in different costumes.
Widely spread pictures showed the huge interaction with the two-day costumes and cosplay party announced earlier this week by the General Entertainment Authority chairman Turki Al-Sheikh. The event will continue on Friday.
From Batman to Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, male and female characters from different ages and backgrounds drew a colorful scene in Riyadh Season zones with their costumes.
A large crowd of visitors attended the masquerade party in costumes that seem closer to patterns associated with science fiction characters, movie openings and popular fantasy.
Contributing to doubling the number of visitors and attendance to the two zones, the Riyadh Season allowed free entry to everyone wearing party costumes. Square screens in Boulevard Riyadh City were filled with scenes of fancy dress, and different designs and styles of costumes worn by visitors.
Many prizes have been distributed, including two cars and 40 PlayStations, for the best participants.
“Boulevard Riyadh City” is the most important and the largest destination not only in Riyadh Season 2021 but in the entire Kingdom. It includes several entertainment venues, shopping stores, game centers, cinemas, cafes and restaurants, as well as indoor and outdoor events suitable for families and individuals. It is surrounded by theatrical and musical performances that suit the tastes of all visitors.
On the other hand, “Winter Wonderland” caters to all members of the family. It contains seven sub-areas for games with specific identities including Horror Adventures, Magical Chest, Dreamland Carnival, Eastern Snow Forest, Western Snow Forest, Winter Festival and Wonderland Road.
(End of report on Saudi immorality and zina)

In response to the avalanche of immorality, obscenity, fisq and fujoor in which the Saudi Najdis have filthied and drowned the country, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“When We intend to destroy a Qaryah (town/country/nation), We command its vile transgressors (to plunge headlong in their immorality). Then they (plunge headlong) in fisq (immorality). Thus does the decree (of Punishment) become established for them. Then We utterly obliterate them (with Our Athaab).”

“What! Do the people of the towns have confidence that Our punishment will not overtake them during the night whilst they are asleep?

“What! Do the people of the towns have confidence that Our punishment will not overtake them during the daytime whilst they are (enjoying) in play ( and amusement)?

The Writing of Destruction is on the wall for the Saudi murtaddeen, fussaaq and fujjaar. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “You will find no change for the Sunnah of Allah.”
The current respite granted by Allah Ta’ala has cast the evil Saudis into massive deception. The Divine Axe will strike swiftly and devastatingly.


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