AHL-E-BHUGHAAT are  traitors and rebels who violate their Pledge of Allegiance – the Pledge  with Allah Azza Wa Jal to uphold His Law –the Shariah  and to obey His Commands.  In the Qur’aan Majeed, Allah Azza Wa Jal states:

“And when We grant them control (political power) on earth, they establish (the Institutions) of Salaat and Zakaat, and they command  virtue and prohibit vice (i.e. they fully discharge the Obligations of Amr Bil Ma’roof, Nahy Anil Munkar).”

In  a series  of  acts of  High Treason in glaring violation of their Pledge of Allegiance with Allah Ta’ala, the Taliban have humiliatingly adopted the culture of bootlicking the kuffaar  for money, food and recognition. Despite the Battlefiled victories  granted to them by Allah Azza Wa Jal, the Taliban have capitulated  and are today  disgracefully licking the boots of not only the western kuffaar, but also of the eastern kuffaar.

At the very juncture of Victory when the U.S. with its coalition were forced to flee from Afghanistan, the Taliban became the victim of  mental colonization. They went to great lengths and  are  incrementally doing so today to gain recognition and China and now the cow-worshippers of India.

The  most recent bootlicking of kuffaar  is the Taliban’s disgraceful  cap-in-hand performance, begging the  drinkers of cow urine and the consumers of cow manure, the Hindu Mushrikeen of India. They disgracefully and gleefully accepted  the crumbs donated by India. The  bag of crumbs consists of  20,000 tons of wheat, 13 tons of medicine, 500,000 doses of Shaitaan’s Urine (covid vaccines) and some winter clothing. In return for these impure crumbs of the Indian Mushrikeen, the Taliban are now compelled to grant  the Hindu murderers of Muslims a firm footing in Afghanistan.

While the declared policy of Hindu India is the forcible conversion of Muslims to Hinduism and the  conversion of all the Musaajid into temples, while Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and Islam are publicly maligned and reviled by Indian politicians and while Muslims are being lynched in public and  harassed, these miserable, most unfortunate Taliban who have betrayed  Allah Ta’ala, are bootlicking the Cow-Worshippers. The Taliban have not  spoken a word in favour of Muslims of India who are being brutalized by the Hindu cow-worshipping mobs.

While Muslims in China are being subjected to horrendous repression, while Salaat and Saum are banned, and while a Chinese Muslim has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for  keeping a beard, the  treacherous Taliban  are bootlicking the godless Chinese atheists who are the worst devourers of pork. Russia, Iran and China had remained enemies of the Talban through the long 20 year war  with America. Today the Taliban are licking the boots of these enemies.

The Taliban have betrayed Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Ummah and Islam. It took almost a century  for the kufr metamorphosis of the Saudi regime and population.  A century after  Britain established the Saudi regime, the present Saudi KUFR regime has  come to power. But  the process of  kufr metamorphosis of the Taliban was initiated  even prior to them taking control of the country’s governance. It will now  not take a century  for the Taliban to put the Saudi MBS in the background in so far as Kufr is concerned. They will soon outclass MBS in the culture of Bootlicking and Kufr.

Muslims of Deeni hue all over the world had cherished great hopes in the Taliban. The  expectation was  the blossoming of a true Shariah State in the wake of Taliban victory. But the opposite  has happened.  There is no greater treachery than the treachery perpetrated by the Taliban. There Shariah slogans  were deceptive  and designed to hoodwink Muslims. Now after Allah Ta’ala has installed them in power, they are flaunting their true  colours of shaitaaniyat.

       The little Deeni reforms they have flabbily introduced are mere cosmetic to beguile Deeni concerned Muslims. They will suffer the consequences of their treachery and bootlicking.


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