The Taliban had always  sent out the message  of Islam – that their objective was to establish the Shariah and to convert Afghanistan into a genuine Islamic or Shar’i state in  full accord with the Sunnah. For more than  twenty years had they  battled and struggled against the kuffaar  superpowers of the world. Allah Ta’ala granted them a resounding victory over His enemies, the enemies of Islam and the Ummah.

However, those who are awake  and aware of the realities of international politics  had not failed to understand that the Taliban’s constant presence in Qatar during their two-decade Jihad was disconcerting. Their presence in Qatar was at the behest of the Pakistani Intelligence Services and subject to a measure of bootlicking – bootlicking the Americans. Since the U.S.A. saw no need for negotiations in Afghanistan, there was absolutely no need for the Taliban to have grovelled in bootlicking style, running to Qatar discordantly in the hope of forging peace with the enemy.

While peace with the enemy is not  prohibited in Islam, most certainly, bootlicking is. The Taliban were riding on the crest of a wave. There was no need for them to crawl and be dictated to by the U.S.A. Their ‘Islamic’ rhetoric cannot be reconciled  with the stark reality of the un-Islamic implementations now that they constitute the government in Afghanistan. They are bending  backwards excessively to accommodate the haraam demands of the West and of the Murtad modernist Afghani people.

Russia, Iran and China were always the implacable enemies of the Taliban. Never had these countries offered  the slightest aid to the Taliban  during the 20 year Jihad.  In fact, Iran had not permitted the Taliban to   even take  temporary refuge on Iranian soil. But what  do we see now that the Taliban constitute the government?  These kufr, anti-Islam, satanic powers have become  the close ‘allies’ of the Taliban.

The Taliban, in bootlicking style, went to Russia and China to assure them that the   Mujaahideen hailing from China and other Muslim lands under Russian domination  would not  be tolerated  and  provided haven in Afghanistan. What was the imperative need for the Taliban to have journeyed to the lands of the atheists to make such haraam promises? This bootlicking the Chinese and Russians was a cruel and disgusting act of treachery. They who had all along claimed to be upholders of the Shariah and that their Jihad was for Islam, had sold their brethren  for monetary and worldly gain.

Similarly, the Taliban are  going to great lengths to appease and soothe the West regarding Islam’s prohibitions pertaining  to females. They are making haraam concession on haraam concession in this sphere.

It is now clear that the Taliban’s objective is not the establishment of the Shariah nor the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. The Maqaasid  of the Aakhirah have no share in current Taliban governance. The Taliban government is not an Islamic government. The shadow of the West  and of the atheists is constantly overhanging the Taliban. While Allah Ta’ala had granted them battlefield victories  and inflicted defeat on the world’s superpowers, the Taliban are miserably failing to capitalize on their Victory. They are now completely oblivious  of the Promises of Allah Ta’ala:

“If you help (the Deen of) Allah, He will aid you and plant your feet firmly (against your enemy). And, if He  abandons you, then who is there besides Allah to aid you?” (Qur’aan)

“Allah is Maalikul Mulk. He grants sovereignty to whomever He wishes and He snatches away mulk (land/power/country) from whomever He wills.

He grants  honour to whomever He wills, and He disgraces whomever He wills. All goodness is in His power.”

By their conduct the Taliban  have implied lack of belief in these Qur’aanic precepts, warnings and promises. The hopes  which true Muslims had cherished regarding the Taliban are all dashed and neutralized. All such hopes were distant pipedreams. The decline of the Taliban – moral decline, spiritual decline and even worldly decline – is incremental with the march of time. There will be no surprise if Afghanistan follows in the  footsteps of  the Saudis who had also ostensibly come to power on an Islamic ticket although they were ushered to the fore and granted a country to rule by their British masters. At one stage the Americans had promised to lay a ‘carpet of gold’ in Afghanistan  in lieu of Taliban bootlicking them. It appears that the Taliban are  following in the footsteps of the Saudis. This is not farfetched  reasoning.

Warning the Taliban and their ilk against befriending the kuffaar enemies of Allah Ta’ala, the Qur’aan Majeed states: “The Mu’minoon should not take as friends the kaafireen besides the Mu’mineen…” Only the Mu’mineen may be taken as friends, not the Russian atheist mass murderers of entire Muslim communities, nor may the Chinese pork-devourers  be taken as friends. They have exterminated millions of Muslims and are still in the process of brutally oppressing Chinese Muslims.

Warning the Taliban from bootlicking the West and kow-towing to their demands of female ‘liberation’ and libertinism, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “What! Do you search for the law of Jaahiliyyah?  Whose Law is  best for a nation having yaqeen? O People of Imaan! Do not take the Yahood and Nasaaraa as friends. They are mutual friends (one  to the other). Whoever from you (Muslimeen) befriends them,  then (know) that verily he is of them. Verily, Allah does not guide a nation of zaalimeen.”

The current Taliban establishment comes fully within the scope of the following Qur’aanic Aayat: “You will see those in whose hearts lurks a disease racing among them (i.e. bootlicking them), saying (to justify their bootlicking): ‘We fear calamity  may befall us (from the kuffaar’s coalition, Nato and the like).”

There are many Qur’aanic Aayaat and Ahaadith severely castigating the type of ‘friendship’ the Taliban have struck up with the Russian and Chinese atheists, and with the  western Yahood and Nasaara. If they continue along this path of treachery, Allah Ta’ala will hand them over to the kuffaar.


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