Question: Recently I read a book that was explaining the jihad in Shaam. Isis was denounced. However one part of the book had quoted the different mazaahib stating that if a Muslim land is under attack or if the Muslim mothers of the Ummah are being abused as is done today then the obligation to defend them goes to those closest and if they do not do so or are lacking then it moves outward until the entire world of Muslims are obligated.

The book was attempting to prove by use of this text that Jihad today is Fardh Ayn on the entire Ummah.

Answer: The morons are not aware of even the meaning of Fardh Ayn. Salaat for example is Fardh Ayn. That means Salaat is obligatory on every baaligh Muslim male and female. Now consider the plight of Muslims in Syria. If Jihad in the prevailing Syrian context had to be Fardh Ayn, it will mean that the 2 billion Muslim men and women of the world have to converge on to Syria to fight. Is this possible?

Even those morons who propagate the Fardh Ayn idea slip out of their countries surreptitiously with considerable difficulty. Just a handful of miserable souls misguided by corrupt morons who have no understanding of Jihad, manage to reach Syria. After reaching Syria, their primary target are other Muslims, not the kuffaar Syrian regime, nor Israel, nor the Americans. To their discredit, these fake ‘mujaahideen’ maim, torture, and kill  their own kind.

They engage in hit and run lack-lustre skirmishes with some Shiahs and sometimes with the  men of the Bashr Assad devil. But their primary target are Muslims who are not members of their specific jihad outfit. It is the same story with these ‘jihadi’ outfits in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and currently their mutual rivalry and killing are most prominent in Syria.

If Jihad is currently Fardh Ayn on all the Muslims of the world, it will follow that the 2 million Muslims of South Africa are obligated by the Shariah to go to Syria. How will stupid brains  solve the logistics of  this movement of 2 million Muslim men and women from South Africa to Syria? Who will arm and train these two million? Assuming that by some  sort of  stupid hallucination it could be imagined that two million Muslim men and women succeed in making their way to Syria, who will save them from becoming fodder for the guns of the enemy? The two million from South Africa will be untrained and unarmed morons who have been duped by  donkeys posing as Mujaahid leaders. Who will prevent them from committing suicide in Syria?

In brief, those who say that Jihad today in Syria or elsewhere is Fardh Ayn on all the  Muslims of the world, are talking absolute rubbish urinated into their  brains by shaitaan.

Yes, if an Islamic country is attacked by the kuffaar and the army of the victim Muslim country is defeated or unable to defeat the kuffaar army, then it devolves as an obligatory duty for the closest Muslim country  to go to the aid of its brethren.

So, these morons should preach their Fardh Ayn concept to the murtad governments and spineless Muslim armies who are in control of Muslim lands. The obligation does not descend on  ordinary civilians who are unarmed, untrained and  for whom it is logistically impossible  to go to the aid of the fleeing hundreds of thousands of Syrians (for example) who have shirked the obligation of fighting the enemy in their own land.

Undoubtedly, Jihad is Fard Ayn on the Syrian populace. But they have selected to flee. The vast majority of those who have fled are practically, in fact even  in belief, not Muslims. Most are murtaddeen. So what we are witnessing today is the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala. Furthermore, there is no regime in any Muslim country today which believes in Jihad or even in Islam. All of them are Murtaddeen.


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