Issuing a Fatwa o­n the question of participation in functions of the nature of the bicentennial celebrations, Hakimul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) said:

“The Religion of Islam does not give this permission (i.e. permission to participate). Un-Islamic shi-aar (salient acts) whether by word or deed, are major sins tantamount to (acts) in opposition to Islam. In brief, it is neither permissible to participate in such gatherings nor to honour this flag (of the country in this manner) nor to sing the national anthem, because Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ‘Whoever, enhances the gathering of a people, becomes of them.”

It is therefore Waajib for the People of Islam to remain aloof (of such functions). It is also improper for members of other religions to make such demands o­n Muslims. It is imperative for them to exempt Muslims.”

(Imdaadul Fataawa, Page 647, Vol.4)

At the end of his Fatwa, Hakimul Ummat (rahmatullah alayh), commented: “In this reply (i.e. in the Fatwa) I have kept in view the aayat: ‘Do not insult the deities of those who call (worship) deities other than Allah….’ In fact, this issue (of the flag and the anthem) deserves a harsh response.”

In this comment Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) says that Islam views this sin of shirk, i.e. the acts of honouring/worshipping the flag and singing the anthem, in such a grave light that the need is for a stern and harsh rebuttal. However, since the Qur’aan forbids insulting the deities of others, he has refrained from employing harsh terms to decry these practices.

We hope that sincere Muslims who were misled by members of the ‘ulama-e-soo’ and other shayaateen in the community, have realized their folly and the gravity of their crime of participation. They should repent and make the necessary amends to restore their bond with Allah Ta’ala.

The flags and anthems of countries, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, come within the scope of the prohibition of worshipping idols described as alansaab in the Qur’aan Majeed. Hakimul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh), stated that the prohibition to stand for a flag and sing the anthem is within the ambit of the Umoom (Generality) of the aayat:

“O People of Imaan! Verily, liquor, gambling, idols (alansaab) and arrows (of superstition are filth of the act of shaitaan, therefore abstain from it.”

In terms of the country’s constitution which enshrines the principle of religious freedom, Muslims should be exempted from this type of worship which is tantamount to shirk in Islam.

the majlis volume 16 number 02

Question: At Muslim schools or Madrasahs teachers ,are required by the managements to teach Muslim children to sing the anthem. They have to be trained to observe all etiquettes attendant to the anthem. What does the Shariah of Islam rule in this matter?

The anthem of any cOUilt:ry, be it a Muslim country, is among the shi-aar of non-Muslims. (Shi-aar refer to the outstanding public practices which advertise a culture, cult

or way of a community or nation). Adopting the shi-aar of non-Muslims is among the Kahaa-ir (major sins), and in some cases shirk, e.g. standing in honour of a flag or when singing the anthem.

For these reasons it is not permissible to teach the anthem to Muslim children nor to sing it nor to stand in honour when it is sung. Since these acts are in conflict with Islam, it is incumbent to abstain. It is not permissible for teachers to obey such instructions of the school managements nor is it permissible for
and Muslim pupils to obey their teachers who instruct them in these hamam practices. It is infinitely better for the concerned Muslim teacher to opt for resignation or dismissal

rather than teaching Muslim children to commit acts which are in flagrant violation of the Deen. And, likewise it is infinitely better for Muslim pupils to opt for expulsion rather than to prostrate in obedience to commands of kufr and haraam issued by miscreant teachers who do not believe in the Razzoaqtyat (Providence) of Allah Ta’ala.

. If a teacher believes that Allah Ta’ala is the Sole Raaziq (Provider) ‘then he/she, will resign without .hesitation. It is not possible for a Muslim with a healthy Iman to submit to the haraam dictates of a fussaaq management.

the majlis volume 16 number 2

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