Masturbation is akin to the shaitaan’s practice of self-gratification which for him is natural, but absolutely and horribly unnatural, obscene and harmful, spiritually and physically for human beings. The following is narrated in the Hadith:
“Allah Ta’ala has created a penis in the right thigh of Iblees and a vagina in his left thigh. In this manner does he gratify his lust. Then every day ten eggs emerge (from Iblees). From each egg seventy male and female shayaateen are born.

Those humans who indulge in self-gratification by way of the obscenity of masturbation should reflect on the Satanism they are emulating from Iblees. The indulger in this vile sin of masturbation is worse than Iblees. Self-gratification of lust is natural for Iblees since Allah Ta’ala has created him with the two organs, but for Insaan it is unnatural and satanic. On the Day of Qiyaamah, the masturbators will rise with their hands pregnant. They will be thoroughly disgraced in the multitudes of people.


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