Muslim Parents Beware: The Epidemic of Perverted Sex Educators in UK Schools

By Crypto Cranium -July 20, 2022 FOR MUSLIM SKEPTIC

One of the things the West prides itself on is the education it provides to children through schooling. It markets itself to the East as the “Enlightened Half of the World,” which unfortunately persuades many Muslim parents to relocate there so that their own children can receive this “superior” education and have a “bright future.”

Well, now those very same children are being corrupted in the UK with “education” so vile that even some hardcore liberals would be shocked:

Providers of sex education in schools are teaching children that prostitution is a “rewarding job” and failed to advise a 14-year-old girl having sex with a 16-year-old boy that it was illegal.

Outside organisations teaching children about sex also promote “kinks” such as being locked in a cage, flogged, caned, beaten and slapped in the face, The Times has found.

One organisation encouraged pupils to demonstrate where they like to touch themselves sexually, in a practise criticised as “sex abuse” by campaigners.

This is absolutely absurd. Muslims shouldn’t even be comfortable with their young ones being subjected to regular primary school sex education, but this is an entirely different level of depravity.

It’s also absurd just how hypocritical they can be with what they’re willing to teach children versus what they can’t tolerate about Islam.

“Minor marriage” for example—where a proper marriage contract is made between a man and a woman as mediated by her family; where the man has to provide for and protect the woman; where they both develop a mutual loving relationship; where there is intimacy between the two who have hit puberty—is absolutely intolerable in their minds. Yet it’s completely fine to tell an impressionable 14-year-old girl that selling her body like a piece of meat on the internet to countless strange and perverted men is a “rewarding” job? What?!

Muslim parents even lightly disciplining their child is seen as the epitome of abuse – one for which social services needs to be called on them. But teaching kids about sexual arousal through acts of flogging and being beaten and slapped in the face is A-okay?

“Minor marriage,” polygamy, circumcision, preserving chastity and honor, protecting women, and lowering one’s gaze are ALL intolerable acts of extremism, while encouraging little kids to role-play masturbation in front of perverted pedophilic “educators” is absolutely fine and dandy?

Liberalism is truly where rationality comes to die.

These twisted “teachers” are permitted to teach children about degeneracy rather than being arrested on the school premises. At least they’re qualified in the field of child development for example—right?

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) became compulsory in English secondary schools in 2020, with many contracting out the teaching. Since then an industry has sprung up of providers who produce resources and go into schools to teach sex education and gender issues.

Staff do not need education or child development qualifications and there is no professional register or regulation of their curriculum.

In short, not only are these teachers perverts and potentially pedophiles, they’re perverted pedophiles who are totally unqualified and untrained in anything. And they’ve been given a free pass to not merely enter the same classroom as young innocent children, but to actively traumatize them with filth.

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And the money paid to schools by parents makes its way into the pockets of these unqualified “sex experts.” It’s actually become a booming business. Instead of individual teachers, there are now entire organisations dedicated to outsourcing perverts to children’s classrooms. One of these outright evil organisations is BISH, headed by Justin Hancock – the very same sick person who recommended that a 14-year old girl continues having pre-marital sex with a 16-year old boy (I have no idea where their age of consent values went) while advising her to “use lubricant during anal sex.” And this group makes mega-bank while corrupting children:

A full day of teaching costs £500 a day for local authority schools, £550 for academy schools and £600 for fee-paying schools.

The material they have on this site is shocking to say the least, considering that they’re then responsible for teaching this same stuff to children in schools. For example, there’s an entire article detailing the act of “rough sex” and includes things like slapping, gripping, hair pulling, gagging, and choking—oh sorry, they later corrected the terminology to its proper usage: strangling. What eight-year old doesn’t need to know about these important topics, am I right? There’s another article explaining what kink is and how it’s really fun and enjoyable to restrain, humiliate, and once again, choke your partner (these sickos seem really obsessed with making children strangle each other).

In one article, they explain how the normal way humans have intercourse, i.e., where the man inserts his penis into the vagina of a woman, is just a social construct which was imposed onto the Western world by Catholics. They go as far as saying that every bizarre and unnatural sexual act, like homosexuality, is just as “normal” as natural intercourse. Other insane articles include solo sex, dry humping, and a detailed guide on how to masturbate. The amount of vulgarity in that one is off the charts. Something like this is being taught to little kids at school? They’ve even advocated for the use of clay models out of which kids can shape genitals and practice “touching” them.

According to the Safe Schools Alliance this comes under child sexual abuse. So, even by their own standards they’re going too far.

This raises the question, just who had the power and authority to be able to grant this unlimited access to children to these sick individuals? And the answer is none other than the UK’s own Department for Education:

The Department for Education is introducing compulsory Relationships Education for primary pupils and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for secondary pupils from September 2020. Also, from September 2020 it will be compulsory for all schools to teach Health Education.

Just like every other sick liberal agenda, they veil their true motives about subjecting young innocent minds to traumatizing filth by using vague and ambiguous flavorful phrases like “put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds” and even outright lies like how it’s all going to be about teaching kindness towards friends and family. No mention of kinks, masturbation, or unqualified perverts.

If there’s anything these twisted minds are good at, it’s coming up with clean cookie language to wrap their filth in and sell it to unsuspecting parents. And, as is unfortunately the case here, many parents end up falling for this schlock.

One thing they don’t fail to mention though is the rights of the parents to have their kids withdrawn from this satanic program. And as you may have guessed, they don’t have any! Yep, the very father who provides for and protects and the very mother who loves and nurtures the child have no say in whether or not that child gets to learn about sex from society’s most depraved individuals. Oh, but they can file a request for withdrawal. A complaint’s got to count for something, right? Not that the school will ever accept it, but at least they CAN file it. Come on, let’s give credit where credit’s due. Let’s all applaud the Department for Education for giving despicable degenerates more rights over a child than their own parents. They can force children to learn how to masturbate, and all the parent is allowed to do is complain about it. Bravo!

In all honesty though, do you really believe that this tyrannical system would provide even this much leeway to the parents? Here’s a case study that was shared in the same article as above from The Times:

A mother was reported to social services after she objected to the way her children were being taught about sex an gender at school…

She was summoned to a meeting with social workers, an educational adviser and the member of school staff who had alerted the authorities. I was decided that a social worker would speak to the mother. The social worker summarised that they, along with other social workers, held “no concerns” relating to the mother’s care of the children and that no further action was required.

Wow. A mother rightfully voices her concern to the school that she or her husband (if she has one) is paying for, seeking a better future for her children (six of them in fact, which is a lot of money going the school’s way), and in return she is threatened with having her kids taken away from her. Because let’s be honest, social services acts as little more than a pimp to these kinds of state-mandated educational programs. In the face of concerned parents, the cowardly school staff will not hesitate for even a moment before scurrying off and reporting them to their savior: social services.

The Department for Education has nicely arranged all this information, including the “innumerable” rights of the parent with regard to this compulsory course, in a parents’ guide pamphlet. But what’s strange is that apart from English, this guide is also available in three other very specific languages: Arabic, Somalian, and Urdu. Now I may be mistaken, but isn’t there a certain specific religion that is followed by the majority of the people who speak these languages?

It’s foolish to think that targeting Muslim majority demographics like this is a mere coincidence. And there’s a myriad of examples of this kind of targeted propaganda towards Muslims in the Western world. Just think of the recent debacle with that Canadian university’s poster depicting two Hijabi Muslims kissing. To all the Muslim parents reading this; this is as clear-cut as anti-Muslim agendas get. They know how pure and principled Islam is, and so they know that it will be Muslims parents who will be the strongest opposition to this Fahishah-infused nonsense. They know that it will be Muslim parents with traditional Islamic values that will be the staunchest in protecting their children from this utterly perverted garbage which they want to indoctrinate every kid into, and thus it is Muslims and Islam that they target the most and they do so relentlessly.

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In fact, the FAQ site itself actually mentions that they take into account the background and faith of the children, and that they have even worked with “a number of representative bodies and faith organisations, representing all the major faith groups in England.” So they even have liberal so-called “Muslim” organisations advocating for their filthy agenda. In fact, AMS UK (Association of Muslim Schools UK) blatantly advertises this sinful RSE garbage on the homepage of their website. This should also be a good warning for Muslims against “Islamic” organisations that advocate for liberal values. Look at how they market it nicely under the “Interfaith” banner, boasting about how they’ve worked with all the major faith groups. Yeah, that only means liberalized and secularized faith groups which are barely recognizable any more due to retaining nothing from those actual faiths. Only those obedient puppets get to receive the stamp of approval from their overlords; “accrediting” them.

The UK’s government itself has invested a lot into this project (same Times article):

In 2019 the government announced that schools would be given access to a £6 million RSE training and support packages so that teachers in England could provide new classes on issues such as healthy relationships, safe sex and consent. Last month the website Vice reported that only £3.2 million had been taken up by schools.

What Muslim parents need to realize is that by keeping their children in these schools very little remains in terms of viable solutions. Just how much can they shield and protect them? Telling them what’s right and wrong is beneficial, but they need to remember that these are children: children who are in their formative years where their brains are still developing. This is the point in their lives when their foundation is cemented and when they’re likely to be inculcated with the values that they will internalize for the rest of their lives. This is also the point when they’re most naturally in-line with their Fitrah in its purest state, unadulterated. Just think how much their natural disposition would be corrupted by being exposed to such filth at the hands of such vile degenerates. Once exposed to it, this is something that you simply cannot protect them from via mere information of what is right and what is wrong. This is something that will severely traumatize them, scarring their souls and leaving them mentally dysfunctional for life. The best solution is to simply ensure that they are not exposed to any of it. And when it comes to schools and governments which have mandated such filth, the only real solution is to not send your kids to school at all.

Rather, Muslim parents, in fact all parents that truly care at all about protecting their children, need to start homeschooling them. We need to remove this socially engineered idea that “children must go to schools” from our minds. That isn’t the only way, or even the best way that your child will learn. There are better ways than to send your kid, who can only concentrate for about thirty minutes, off to a place where they’re expected to sit and focus for eight hours straight, learning nothing about Islam and everything about how good secularism is, being instilled with liberal values and being drained of both their Iman and the desire to learn. Where they are engineered to be good little government puppets whose only lot in life is to cheer on gays and trannies and be robotic corporate drones. And to top it all off, every so often some sick pervert will come and teach your child to masturbate.

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Instead we need to opt for teaching them at home, where they learn under those who know them best: their parents. Where they can be taught Islamic values and be warned against all the evils within the world. At home they can be properly introduced to sex-related topics at the right time and from the right people, and they can learn about it via the Islamic lens. Even biologically speaking, children are meant to imprint off of their parents. How can they do that if they’re locked inside a classroom with a pedophile for most of the day? Parents who willingly send their kids off to a place like this shouldn’t be surprised if one day their six-year old returns home naked with a whip in one hand and a studded dog collar around the neck. After all, it was just a regular project from the school for the All-Inclusive Celebration Day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Don’t you know they NEED to learn about healthy relationships? IT’S COMPULSORY!

Despite using terms like “family” and “faith,” this RSE program has set with the purpose of destroying those very things within society by corrupting our children. If you’re considering or deciding on homeschooling your children but don’t know where to start, then a great place that I would personally highly recommend checking out is Alasna Institute. May Allah grant us the ability to protect our children from the ever-growing, tyrannical and intolerant Fitnah of liberalism. Amin.

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