For years we were advising our youth that 2 lengths are not correct. Now the Jamiat (Fordsburg) has issued the following fatwa:
What is the ruling regarding 2 lengths hair?
Muhtaram / ah
There are two possible scenarios of two length haircuts:
a. Part shaved and part left on
b. Part shortened and part left longer
As for [a] above, then it is against the Hadith of Qaza. Hence Makruh Tahrimi. Furthermore, its ruling is further compounded if it is done on the basis of Tashabbuh of Fussaq, etc.
As for the scenario in (b), then if it is done on the basis of Tashahbuh of Fussaq, Kuffar, etc. it would not be permissible (i.e. it will be Makruh). However, if it is done on the basis of Zinah (adornment) and to look neat then it will be allowed, and if it is done for a beneficial purpose, so to appear neat and handsome for the wife, then it could be classified as Matloob (recommended) provided that the haircut is not unusual and would not create repulsion amongst the pious and religious.
Mufti Ahmad Laly (End of NNB jamiat’s corrupt fatwa)
Is this fatwa correct?
The fatwa of the NNB (NO NAME BRAND) jamiat of Fordsburg is corrupt and baatil. The prohibition applicable to (a) applies also to (b). A prohibition does not become halaal at the behest of the wife to whom the haraam style/fashion appears appealing and desirable. Wearing a haraam tie is ‘neat’ according to the kuffaar. It will be haraam for Muslims to adopt this so-called ‘neat’ item of attire for pleasing the wife or anyone else.
Something is drastically amiss in the brains of the corrupt molvis of the NNB jamiat, hence they classify a prohibited practice/fashion as ‘matloob’
Then they condition the ‘permissibility’ with the approval of ‘pious and religious’ people. Pious and Religious people have always regarded these kuffaar styles with revulsion. The two-length style is not permissible.


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