🕋 Fardh vs Tahajjud – Allahu Akbar 🕋

🍂 Fardh prayers’ calls are given in Human voice by Muazzin, while Tahajjud call is given by Allah Himself.

🍂 The call for Fardh prayer is heard by all human beings, while the call for Tahajjud is felt by few selected.

🍂 Call for Fardh prayer says come for prayer come for prayer (Hayya Alassalaah…….), while call for Tahajjud says, is there any seeker I give (Hal min Saael, fa oatee).

🍂 Most of the followers pray obligatory Fardh prayer, While Tahajjud is performed by selected few whom Allah chooses.

🍂 In Fardh Salaat, possibility of Riya may appear (may be not purely for Allah with ikhlaas), but Tahajjud is prayed alone quietly only Allah knows.

🍂 In Fardh Salaat greater possibility of deviation of mind, thought and heart as one frees himself from business of duniya, while Tahajjud is away from routine tension of Duniya and only thinking of Aakhirat.

🍂 Dua after Fardh may or may not be granted, while Tahajjud dua is promised to be fulfilled.

🍂 Lastly, Tahajjud is purely a special Taufeeq from Allah, whom He wants to listen and likes the crying and asking.

May Allah (SWT) bless us with the ability to offer Tahajjud regularly. Aameen

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