A Molvi who was a mudarris (teacher) in a Madrasah had resigned and had  taken up a post at another Madrasah. The reason for  his resignation was a salary dispute.  According  to the management of the Madrasah,  this mudarris was not entitled to  wages for eleven days while the mudarris  believed that he was entitled to the wage. Commenting on this dispute, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“Regardless of  entitlement or not,  since when is it befitting for the Ulama  to become involved in a  dispute pertaining to such a disgraceful issue (i.e. monetary issue)? It is utterly  disgraceful to dispute intransigently over a paltry sum. Even if  the Madrasah’s management unjustly refuses to give   what is your right, then too it is my advice to abstain from  disputing  with them. My advice is not  to alienate your right.  The amount (which  was claimed) for the eleven days may be  taken from me. I shall wholeheartedly give it  to you. In this course of action (i.e. abandoning the dispute) is the honour of the Deen and the Ulama.

   Furthermore, they (the Madrasah’s management) will then not regard you to be dishonourable. It is indeed  dishonourable for  the Ahl-e-Ilm (Ulama) to be involved in such  dishounarable disputing and that too over such a paltry  sum.

   You should  today write to the Madrasah stating that you  do not want anything in excess  of the rules of the Madrasah. This dispute pertains  to wages for a mere  eleven days. Even if the amount was a hundred thousand rupees, then too you should  kick it aside (that is, not dispute and demand payment). In relation to the monetary issue  there is a greater need to   guard your honour and  your profession (of Ilm).

    You should at least  have consulted with me. However, you  had embarked on such action which  convinced the Madrasah that your motive was only monetary gain (not the Deen). You roam around the whole  world  flaunting Taqwa, but it  did not occur to you that your act was motivated  by worldly desire and pursuit which is nugatory of the status of the Ahl-e-Ilm. Take  twice the amount from me. But  terminate this episode. I have been vastly grieved by your  deed. What hope can one have  on you that you  will safeguard the Deen  when  Hubb-e-Dunya (love for the world) is embedded in you?

    There were Servants of Allah Ta’ala  who had  abandoned kingdoms and thrones  for protecting the honour of  Deen of Allah Ta’ala  while you have been unable to abandon the wages of eleven days. This has  no significance in relation to the Deen.

     Even on the assumption that the rules of the Madrasah are unjust and that they are the worst oppressors, then too, it is in conflict and nugatory of the shaan of Ilm to become involved  in  such a disgraceful dispute.

     Now write immediately to  the Madrasah that you no longer have any demand, and do not  inform that  you have abandoned your claim  because of the advice of Ashraf Ali (that is Hadhrat Thanvi). This (i.e. abandoning a dispute) is  such an issue which should be natural in  the People of Knowledge. It (the claim) is a blot on the Ulama.

   The Qur’aan and Hadith are present. Are these for the amal (practice) of the Yahood and Nasaara? Is it necessary to claim an incumbent right, but not necessary to safeguard the honour of the Deen? The Imaan of people should become rejuvenated by the moral character of the Ulama.” 

(End of Hadhrat Thanvi’s comments)

   In these comments of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali (Rahmatullah alayh)  is salubrious advice, especially for Molvis,  who dispute  with Musjid and Madrasah committees regarding  salaries. Some even  have stooped to the  utterly disgraceful ebb of running to the kuffaar CCMA. Then  without  any pangs of conscience they devour the haraam award of the CCMA.

   Such molvis are bereft of the slightest shred of honour (Imaani Ghairat).  Whatever the government institution awards is haraam. It is ingestion into the belly of the Fire of Jahannam.

from the majlis volume 26 number 06

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