Question: Is it permissible to have kitaab-reading immediately after Fardh Salaat? It has become customary with the Tabligh Jamaat to begin reading a kitaab to the musallis immediately the Salaat is terminated.

According to a fatwa issued by Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Azaadville, it is permissible. Please comment and guide us.


We have read the fatwa issued by Azaadville. In addition to its gross error, it is also somewhat nonsensical and flagrantly fence-sitting, neither this side nor the other side. Just discard the fatwa. It is a fatwa of dhalaal (deviation).

It is not permissible to engage in kitaab-reading immediately after Fardh Salaat, and this applies to all Five Salaat. After the Fardh of Zuhr, Maghrib and Isha, there are the Masnoon Sunnat-e-Muakkadah Salaat. It is ludicrous, to say the least pejoratively, to shunt the Sunnatul Muakkadah Salaat from its Masnoon pedestal and to usher in its place the bid’ah of Tablighi Jamaat kitaab-reading. This is most assuredly not permissible.

It is necessary to observe the Ittisaal rule, that is to perform the Sunnat Salaat immediately after the Fardh and not to delay it with even Qur’aan tilaawat. According to some Fuqaha the Sunnah significance of the Sunnah Muakkadah Salaat is effaced if it is delayed after the Fardh Salaat. This kitaab-reading is BID’AH and it has now reached Bid’ah Sayyiah (Evil Bid’ah) proportions.

The benefit mentioned in the fatwa – i.e. the benefit from abandoning the Sunnah of Ittisaal for the sake of observing the bid’ah of the Tabligh Jamaat, is decidedly evil and not permissible. It is a ta’leem of Iblees who approaches people via ostensible ‘deeni’ channels to ensnare them into his tentacles of Bid’ah. All acts of bid’ah made inroads into the Deen via deeni channels. Shaitaan is a great teacher in the science of bid’ah.

It is also not permissible to engage in kitaab-reading immediately after the Fardh of Fajr and Asr whilst the musallis are reciting their Masnoon Athkaar and making Dua. The kitaab may be read after completion of these Athkaar.

There is no noor in bid’ah. Bid’ah is pure zulmat (darkness). That is why those who engage in this bid’ah and other bid’ah acts are always haughty and inconsiderate. They speak from a pedestal of pride. Test them. Say to them that they are morons, and you will see the fumes of Satanism gushing from their nostrils. They believe that their innovated acts have greater significance and importance than even the Masnoon acts of Ibaadat.

Safety of Imaan is always in observance of the Sunnah. Deviation from the Sunnah brings into existence sects such as the Qabar Pujaari Jamaat. Many practices of the Tabligh Jamaat have entered into the domain of bid’ah. If this evil trend is not curbed and eliminated, the Tabligh Jamaat will one day be branded as a sect of baatil.

Remain within the confines of the Glittering Sunnah, and BEWARE of the zulmat of Bid’ah.

13 Zul Hujj 1443 – 13 July 2022

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