Question: What is the correct method of disciplining children when they misbehave and don’t listen to their parents?
Children are of different ages. A child of 3 years and a child of 7 years and a child of 10 years, etc. have to be handled differently. The first requisite is for the parents to be pious so that their piety exercises a beneficial effect on the children. If parents are impious, they should then not expect discipline from their children.
Two acts absolutely destroy the morality of children and even efface their Imaan. These two acts of Satanism are the cell phone and secular school. If children have access to these evils, parents may forget about disciplining their children. With these two tools of Iblees, parents utterly ruin their children and pave for them the pathway to Jahannam.
Another factor which despoils children, is ‘friends’. Parents should not allow their children to mix with other children even with family children such as cousins. Habits are extremely contagious. While physical diseases are not contagious, moral and spiritual diseases are extremely contagious. Bad habits are swiftly adopted from others.
Parents should have daily kitaab-reading for their children. Read to them from the stories and advices of the Sahaabah and Auliya. Insha-Allah, in the long term they will benefit much. The life anecdotes of the Auliya will remain embedded in their minds and hearts. Later when they become even faasiqs and faaajirs, Insha-Allah, they will not become murtadd.
Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi (Rahmatullah alayh) said that the stories of the Ambiya and Auliya are among the armies of Allah Azza Wa Jal.
At night when the children are in bed, recite Surah Faatihah and the three Qul Surahs, then blow on them. Make much dua for their Akhlaaq and Imaan.


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