Tailless Sheep Argument

Islam Reigns

By Mujlisul Ulama


It is KUFR because it implies that Allah Azza Wa Jal had created tails for sheep in idle sport or without purpose. Muslims groping in the darkness of kufr culture and suffering from gross mental inferiority simply bootlick and swallow whatever rubbish some kuffaar farmers say on the issue of docking the tails of sheep. But, even the atheist experts criticizing tail-docking say:

“Sheep have tails for a reason: tails help protect the anus, vulva and udder. A tail can be shaken to deter flies or to scatter faeces.” (A Greener World – AGW)

A genuine Muslim is not in need of the reasons proffered by the kuffaar experts for understanding Divine Wisdom underlying the creation of every organ and every facet in every species of creation. It is abhorrent to Imaan to believe that Allah Ta’ala had created tails for…

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