Dr Tess Lawrie: “Individuals in white coats are – knowingly or unknowingly – harming our babies”

By Oliver May

THE Government’s push for children and infants to take a Covid jab has been likened to having a gun put against their heads.

Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health has been an avid campaigner for the safe and effective treatment of Covid with ivermectin, a drug with more than 40 years’ of safety data and which won the Nobel Prize in 2015.

And writing in her most recent Substack article, Dr Lawrie describes the push by the UK Government for children and infants to take a Covid jab as “toxic”.

She added: “The Covid-19 injections, lately approved for use on six-month olds and upwards in the US, are toxic. When government officials, big pharma CEOs and public health policymakers tell you these shots are safe, they are lying.

“Please take a look at the pharmacovigilance databases to see what is happening to our children.

“As of 17 June 2022, the US’ reporting system (VAERS) states 116 children have died following injection with the Covid-19 vaccines. 1,335 have suffered from myocarditis, 461 are permanently disabled. It is estimated that only 1 to 10% of adverse events are reported, so the actual figures will be far higher.

“Children are dying. They are in pain. Their beautiful immune systems are severely compromised. Some never even get the chance to take their first breath.

“As for the Pfizer trial on infants, their shoddy data reveals one in 73 infants aged 6 to 23 months old experienced an adverse event following injection. Please read Jessica Rose’s post that explores this in more detail.

“It is quite possible that in administering these vaccines to prepubescent children, we are rendering an entire generation infertile. By causing inflammatory reactions in ovaries and testes, this new type of vaccine could effectively be castrating them.

“This may sound extreme, but can you prove me wrong? You’d need data to show that children who receive the Covid-19 vaccine before puberty go on to be fully fertile. But there are no such data. Our children are the data. They are the guinea pigs being experimented on by white coats from afar. They do not see our children – they only see a number in a database.

“Now, if you are someone who agrees that the Covid-19 vaccines are risky, but that childhood immunisations are safe, I have news. Look at this, from the UK’s National Health Service webpage listing the childhood immunisation schedule:

“The NHS has quietly included Covid-19 in its list of childhood vaccinations. It wants parents and children to accept this experimental injection as a normal part of growing up.

“Given the lack of safety testing for Covid-19 vaccines, what does this tell us about all the others on that list? How can anyone be confident that every vaccine on the childhood immunisation schedule is safe?”

There’s more.

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