A Hanafi scholar behind the compilation of Sahih al-Bukhari

Islam Reigns

Imam Is-haaq ibn Ibraheem al-Handhali al-Marwazi al-Hanafi, most commonly known as Ibn Rahuyah (rahimahullah) [d. 238 H] was the student of Imam ‘Abdullah ibn Mubaarak (rahimahullah) who was a student of Imam al-‘Adham, Abu Hanifa (rahimahullah). He was known as Ameer al-Mu-mineen (the leader of the believers) in Hadith. [See: Abu Ghuddah, Umaraa al-Mu-mineen fi al-Hadith 113]

He was one of the greatest Hadith scholars of his time. He dictated 11 000 Hadiths from his memory. He passed away during the night of mid-Sha’ban. Imam Al-Bukhari was among his students. [See for example: Al-Kalaabadhi, Rijaal Sahih al-Bukhari 1/72, Adh-Dhahabi, Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nubala 11/118 and Al-Mizzi, Tahdheeb al-Kamaal 2/10]

Imam Al-Kardari and Imam As-Salihi ad-Dimashqi mentioned him among the narrators who reported from Imam Abu Hanifa and his companions. [See respectively: Al-Kardari, Al-Manaaqib 2/241, As-Salihi, ‘Uqud al-Jumaan 99]

Hafidh Ibn Hajar said about Imam Al-Bukhari, “His determination became stronger on this…

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