The Hypocrisy Behind Roe v Wade and Liberalism: Islam’s Solution

By Crypto Cranium -June 27, 2022

The liberal democrats are back at doing what the do best. Displaying their blatant hypocrisy and generating fear and panic among brainwashed individuals via mass media and misinformation.

The current Roe v Wade situation is a good example of both. First let’s take a look at their liberal hypocrisy with an example from Joe Biden:

President Joe Biden said Friday “the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk” after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion.

And this is what the liberal ‘Muslim’ politician Ilhan Omar had to say:

“This decision is devastating for millions of women and pregnant people across the country. I am outraged this right-wing court is turning the clock back on generations of progress and prohibiting individuals to have autonomy over their bodies.

Unfortunately, these leftist American politicians can’t stand the fact that the progressive degeneracy overshadowing their nation might now face obstacles due to the Satanic practice, i.e., abortion, being banned. Instead, they want to stand firm against any hope of family values being reintroduced into American society.

And it’s a mistake to think that these kinds of politicians care at all about the safety of women. Some of you might be confused by that. You may be thinking that well, aren’t Joe Biden and Ilhan Omar feminists, and so by extension, in favor of womens’ safety? The truth is, while they support the former, they couldn’t care less about the latter. Because the two are not synonymous. Feminism promotes women to have as much freedom as possible, no matter the physical, financial, spiritual, or psychological cost to them or the rest of society. It doesn’t care about the harms it causes women or anyone else, and so, it can’t be something that promotes their safety.

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Do you really believe that Joe Biden, the architect behind the War on Terror that resulted in the deaths of countless Afghan women and children, cares at all about the safety of women? Do you really believe that Ilhan Omar, the woman who voted in favor of unconditional support to Israel in the form of billions of dollars that turned the life of countless Palestinian women and children into hell, cares at all about the safety of women? It would be absurd to think so.

And American politicians aren’t the only hypocrites here. Let’s take a look at some of their fellow die-hard liberal political allies, starting with the devil, Emmanuel Macron:

“Abortion is a fundamental right for all women. We must protect it. I would like to express my solidarity with all those women whose freedoms have today been compromised by the U.S. Supreme Court,”

This is what Boris Johnson had to say:

“I’ve always believed in a woman’s right to choose and I stick to that view and that is why the UK has the laws that it does.”

Even Justin “Death Vaxx Dictator” Trudeau chimed in:

“No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.”

Look at how they rush to the aid of all the ‘helpless’ women in order to ensure their right to continue selling their bodies. In order to ensure their right to continue devaluing themselves by having sexual relations with countless men. In order to ensure their right to zero accountability and responsibility when it comes to making important decisions that will negatively impact their soul and psyche. In order to ensure their right to live as degenerate baby killers. Would the same apply for Muslim women though?

Would Macron stand with Muslim women’s right to wear Hijab? And when I say Hijab I mean the proper Islamically prescribed one, wherein a Muslim woman keeps herself away from non-Mahrams both physically and through her actions. Not the kind we have liberal Muslims displaying today, where a turban Hijab covers only part of the head and nothing else, and her whole life is to be the plaything of non-Mahram men.

Would Boris Johnson support a Muslim woman’s right to live a modest lifestyle? To live a life free of the pressures of feminism and liberalism? Would Justin Trudeau support the right of a woman to live in a traditional family as a housewife? Her right to marry early, instead of chasing careers and independence? The answer is obviously no because, if they cared about these things, they would support social policies, a legal regime, a media apparatus, etc., that promoted these things instead of their opposite. But they won’t do that because it contradicts liberalism.

They don’t care about women’s rights. They don’t care about the safety of women. And certainly not when it comes to Muslim women.

All that these liberal World Economic Forum minions care about is spreading degeneracy in order to gain votes and gain votes in order to spread degeneracy.

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This brings us to our second point. Controlling the masses through fear.

For example, an article from Wired is now warning people that the overturning of Roe v Wade is going to lead to reduced privacy and more surveillance by the state. What? Even if this article is to be taken at face value, citizens of the U.S. are ALREADY under heavy surveillance, and this would just constitute an additional drop in the overflowing bucket of privacy invasion.

Anyone who has heard about whistleblowers like Edward Snowden understands that the privacy of American citizens is a joke. And if they’re so worried about surveillance, then how about protesting against actual laws that allow this kind of invasion of privacy. How about protesting against Big Tech companies like Apple, Google, and Meta, and holding their CEOs accountable, along with the governments they’re in bed with, instead of blaming an actual for once good decision by this country’s justice system?

An article by Forbes fears the economic effect that this decision is going to have on the country. Fewer women will now be able to pursue education and careers as they would now have to look after children at home born. Muslims need to understand that this is a good thing. We’re opposed to selling our Muslim women into universities that make them adopt feminist ideologies and pursue independence through careers. We’re opposed to selling our Muslim women into careerism where they will most likely become societal and corporate slaves, in a life where it will be near impossible for them to live by the tenets of Islam. We’re opposed to selling our Muslim women into a life where they will be middle aged yet without a family, unmarried and lonely, relying on cats and antidepressants.

One of the fears all these mainstream articles are propagating are the “health emergencies” and “pregnancy risks” that women will now allegedly face due to this ban. These liberal politicians are spewing the same garbage. If you remember back when COVID hit, this is the same tactic they were using. Forcing people into wearing masks, staying indoors, and getting the death vaxx by generating fear against a disease that did less damage than the common cold. Only, with this abortion ban this approach is just absurd, because abortion will still be legal under these medical emergencies:

The 13 states with abortion ban laws make exceptions for the life of the mother. These are typically cases of ectopic pregnancies, fallopian tube abscesses and ovarian abnormalities. Five of the states also allow abortions where pregnancy threatens a serious risk of substantial and irreversible injury. Utah is the only state that permits abortions in the case of a fatal fetal abnormality, which develops in about 3 of every 1,000 pregnancies.

So then, what’s the problem? Even when abortion is still going to occur in the rare exceptions involving medical emergencies. Again, it’s because women’s health and safety isn’t their concern here. They just want as much fahisha in society as possible.

This shows us the roots of ideologies like liberalism and feminism. At heart, they don’t care about what’s right, they care about unlimited freedom. They look at the temporary desires, not the long term harms. A woman should have the choice to fornicate immediately without having to think about the long term PTSD she’s going to develop from murdering her baby if she were to get pregnant and subsequently get an abortion as a result of this fornication.

And that’s the other thing. American society’s collapse is directly linked to how much freedom and empowerment women were given. That kind of a hedonistic lifestyle led to lesser and lesser gender segregation, which obviously led to rampant fornication. This hypersexualized society with decreasing morals is teeming with horrifying problems like new and dangerous STDs, young girls being increasingly sold into prostitution and human trafficking rings, the rise of pornography and subsequent objectification of women in advertisements and media as sex objects, etc. This progressive disease is nothing but a positive feedback loop of immorality. And what was the brilliant solution they came up with? To legalize abortion, thus facilitating the one thing that was keeping this problem from spiraling even more out of control.

Alcohol was a great contributor to this problem. And what was the solution for that? Did they ban alcohol? Again, no. In fact, alcohol production is now a very large and profitable business in the U.S.

In the name of freedom and choice, they keep facilitating decisions that promote even more and more degeneracy, and when someone questions it, they’ve devised these weak tactics of exaggerating the little things they are preventing by implementing their decisions. It’s like creating a hole in the ship, and letting water in. And when someone rightfully objects to it, giving arguments like “Well, the plants on the ship needed watering.”

Even deviant liberal Muslim organizations are using this argument, claiming that abortion is allowed in Islam under rare medical exceptions. Which, yes it is. But does that mean Muslims should support unlimited access to elective abortion? A great analogy is that if pork and alcohol are allowed in Islam under the rare circumstances of extreme starvation and thirst when no other food or drink is available, then does that mean Muslims should oppose any hypothetical bans on pork or alcohol in America?

We’ve gotten to a point where if a decision is taken that incentivizes people to get married and form families and makes them think twice before fornicating (and this doesn’t just apply to women, even husbands will be discouraged from cheating on their wives out of this fear), you have liberal Muslim groups in utter shock over it, misguiding the Ummah into thinking that this is a bad decision for Muslims. May Allah protect us and give us all the ability to see clearly through these kinds of deviants.

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