Modern Schools as an Institution of the State

Islam Reigns

By Hasan Mahfooz

A modern school is an institution of the state whose purpose is to disseminate and propagate state ideology. Due to the current dominance of Western civilization, school systems around the globe are influenced by its concepts, philosophies, and ideologies, which shape students’ worldviews. Below are a few of the numerous negative effects of modern “education.”

Distortion of Aqeedah [Ontology/Metaphysics]:

Throughout various subjects, especially science, we are taught that physical reality is all that exists and that every phenomenon can be explained by physical factors. A belief in the supernatural is blatantly undermined, and that weakens Imaan, which is associated with the ghayb, the unseen.

Distortion of Epistemology:

Epistemology is the study of knowledge and deals with the sources and nature of knowledge. Schools actively promote empiricism, the idea that knowledge is primarily derived from sensory experience. Accordingly, we end up believing that knowledge is only that…

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