Mufti John Nana Smith & Guilt By Association

Insurgency Against Modernity

By Moulana Bassaam Ali

Just the thought of Daniel Haqiqatjou being cancelled has Abdullah Nana frothing at the mouth. It’s an extra strange obsession coming from someone like Nana who people would usually describe as more of a quietist or pacifist. People might think his very unhealthy obsession and fixation is because DH and his team called out Nana for his unislamic shenanigans:

But he was fixated on DH even long before this. We already discussed some of Nana’s contentions against Daniel Haqiqatjou here before:

This time we’ll be touching on something else. A few days ago (on Friday 3rd June 2022) Nana took another shot at Daniel. But what exactly is the charge against him this time?

In a nutshell there is this guy named Haytham Sayfaddin. This chap has links with some other guys who know some dudes…

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