Response to the Hindutva Contention: “Indian Muslims are the Descendants of the Hindus”

Islam Reigns

By Abrar Ahmed

As per the Indian Newspaper The Times of India: “Mr. Mohan Bhagwat (the Hindutva RSS chief) described Muslims of India as “descendants of Hindus and even Kshatriyas who were converted into a different faith”

Mr. Bhagwat keeps exhorting this fact
that ancestors of Muslims were
Hindus, but it seems that he thinks
that this will create a moral high
ground for reverse conversion or a
sense of superiority. But I think this
idea is grossly mistaken.

Firstly, Muslims believe that ancestors
of all human being was a prophet
named Aadam (Adam) and Islam
begun with that first person. So even if they look toward their past they see
Islam at the GROUND ZERO OF

Secondly, Muslims believe the fact from Qur’an that every generation /nation was sent with a prophet in their own language and that they presented the same Islam but most of them turned…

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