Once a man came to Hadhrat Bishr Haafi (Rahmatullah alayh) and said that he had saved 200 dinars (gold coins) for a Nafl Hajj. He had come seeking advice. Hadhrat Bishr asked the man to state whether he planned to go on the journey for merrymaking or for the acquisition of thawaab (reward). He promptly responded that his intention was thawaab.

Hadhrat Bishr (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “If your intention is thawaab, then I shall advise you with a better way of gaining the reward of 200 accepted Hajj. Distribute the 200 dinars to either ten orphans or ten widows or ten hard-pressed families, and I assure you of the thawaab of 200 Hajj.”

The man said that his heart was set on performing Hajj. Hadhrat Bishr then said: “As long as you do not waste the money in haraam avenues, you will not derive peace.” He implied that since the money was not acquired in a halaal manner, this man would not derive satisfaction as long as he does not waste it on the haraam merrymaking tour which he described as Nafl Hajj to soothe his conscience. Thus, those who squander money on these haraam merrymaking tours should understand that there is considerable contamination in their wealth, hence they incline towards the shaitaaniyat of israaf. The Qur’aan Majeed describes them as Ikhwaanush shayaateen (brothers of the devils).


Al-Barzali said: “Our Shaikh Abu Muhammad Ash-Shabeebi narrating from Taalib said: “The Shayaateen (Devils) of the east and the west became involved in a dispute. Who among them are the greatest deceivers (misleading people)? The devils of the east said to the devils of the west: ‘We are greater than you in deception because we incite a man to commit sin and perpetrate prohibitions in the abodes of the Ambiya (in the Holy Places).’ The Shayaateen of the West responded: ‘We are greater (in the art of deception). We find a man with his wife and children performing the Fardh Salaat, paying Zakaat and practising other acts (of virtue). He is in a state of comfort and his Angels are with him.

Then comes along the (Hajj / Umrah) agent (such as the travel agencies and Sahuc, Khidmatul Awaam) enticing people to travel to the land of Hijaaz (for Hajj and Umrah). Then we (the devils of the west) goad and induce him to come out (i.e. undertake the journey). We poke them with a knife (a figurative expression for the shaitaani snare of enticement. Then he cries (yearns to go for Umrah). Thus he emerges for the journey. From the day he leaves (his home) we induce him to neglect the Faraaidh and to violate the prohibitions (of the Shariah) – from the day of his departure until the day of his return to his family. Thus, he is in loss regarding himself and his wealth in the east and the west.

Then the Shayaateen of the East acknowledged the superiority of the Shayaateen of the West in the art of deception.”

Al-Barzali said: “Verily, I have witnessed some of this in my Hajj journey. We seek safety from Allah.”

(Mawaahibul Jaleel)

In this discussion of the two groups of shayaateen there is a sombre lesson for those who undertake the merrymaking tours. They dwell in self and shaitaani deception.

It does not behove any sincere Muslim to soothe his aching conscience with deceptive arguments to justify the mock merrymaking, haraam holiday in the name of Hajj and Umrah.

The Ummah is ablaze, burning in a cauldron of suffering, poverty and jahaalat. Millions of Muslims are starving and wallowing in such abject Deeni ignorance which threatens to extinguish their Imaan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: 

“The Muslimoon (the Ummah) is like one man. If the eye pains, the whole Body is affected. If the head pains, the whole body is affected.”

Alas! Today this is neither the emotional feeling nor the intellectual understanding of Muslims, even of those Muslims who believe that they are ‘deendaar’ (religious). They dwell in the self-deception of being involved in ‘ibaadat; when in reality, due to the circumstances, they are trapped in sin and Athaab. Instead of returning from Umrah and Hajj purified of sin, they return loaded with sin. For these ‘deendaar’ people, Hadhrat Fudhail Bin Iyaad (Rahmatullah alayh) said: 

“There are people who emerge from their bathrooms purified of sin. While others return from the Ka’bah loaded with the burden of sin.”

Instead of returning from Hajj purified of all sins, these miserable tourists languishing in shaitaani self-deception returned with sins and darkened souls. Yet those who emerge from their bathrooms after having made wudhu or ghusl come out purified of sins.

For more detailed comment on these haraam holiday jaunts in the name of umrah and hajj, read our booklet: Tourism and Islam – A Satanic Mockery of Hajj and Umrah. See our website Hard copies are also available.

Instead of contributing the millions of rands to aid the suffering Muslims, these so-called ‘pious’ people squander their money of haraam holidays and merrymaking in the name of ‘umrah’ and ‘hajj’. That is because their wealth is mushtabah or haraam. They are heartless shayaateen in human form.

2 Zul-Qa’dh 1443 – 3 June 2022

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