In preparing the wonderful gift of Allah, viz., food, the wife plays an important and a vital role in the home. She spends hours daily and devotes her entire life for the comfort of her husband and family, making available to them the wonderful divine gift of food without which life on earth is not possible. Inspite of performing such an important and wonderful service, few husbands appreciate this double bounty (Ni’mat) – the food and the wife preparing the food. Husbands take for granted that their wives are simply executing an obligatory task in the preparation of their food. This is a misconception. The Sharaih does not impose this duty on the wife. She carried it out because for love of her family. It is, therefore, most inconsiderate and ungrateful for a husband to grumble and find fault with the food if occasionally it does not satisfy his palate.

The husband should remember that he is a sinful slave of Allah Ta’ala. He fails in many of his duties. He at time neglects his family. He sins from morning till evening, yet he expects to receive faultless treatment from his wife. In harbouring such expectations he is in fact exhibiting arrogance, pride and displaying injustice to the weak servants of Allah Ta’ala.
A husband has no right to demonstrate any displeasure if he finds that the food is not to his liking. With love and kindness he may make suggestions. But, it is a sign of ingratitude to Allah for the bounty of food and the bounty of the wife’s service for a husband to be offended and show displeasure when the food is not up to his expectations. Many ignorant husbands act impatiently and arrogantly at home. They sour the relationship by losing their tempers over trivialities while they display good character and smiling faces to others outside the home. Such a hypocritical lifestyle indicates takabbur (pride) and callousness. Husbands should always value the services of love offered by wives.

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