La ilaha il lallaah 70,000 times

Hadhrat Shaikh Abu Yazeed Qurtubi (rahmatullah alayh) narrates:

“I saw in a Hadith that whoever recites La ilaha il lallaah 70,000 times will be saved from Jahannum. With the intention of gaining the barkat, I recited this amal a few times.

During that time a lad was living with us in the same place. Despite his youth everyone respected him. It was well-known that sometimes Jannat and Jahannum would be revealed to him. However, I entertained some doubts about the lad.

Some Brothers had invited us for meals. The young man also accompanied us.

Suddenly, the lad made a fearful sound and let out a piercing cry, and he exclaimed: “My mother is in the Fire!” I said to myself: “Today I shall test the truthfulness of this young man.” I made dua asking Allah Ta’ala to bestow the reward of one of my acts of 70,000 La ilaha il lallaah to the lad’s mother and to save her from Jahannum. I said to myself that this Hadith is Saheeh (Authentic), and the narrators are all truthful. Even before I had completed my supplication, the young man exclaimed with delight: “O Uncle! My mother has been saved from Jahannum.”

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