Can Mufti Saahib please advise on the following: I often get into arguments with people regarding the issue of gaining secular education. Initially we thought that gaining secular education while not physically attending school is allowed by the Shari’ah, but after looking at the content that is being thought, we realised that it is completely haraam to be learning such things irrespective of physically being in school or not. How does one explain to an individual who says that not all people can become Muftis or Aalims, their reasoning being that there is a need for Muslim doctors, lawyers etc. People also say that they attended school but they all turned out fine in the end, they didn’t loose their Imaan etc. How do you respond to such individuals in a respectful manner?

Much of “Secular” education – the kind being taught nowadays is fujoor (immorality) and kufr. The secular college/university environment is immoral. Anyone who denies this clearer than daylight fact is a confounded liar, munaafiq and murtad. In fact, a university is worse than a brothel. Indulgence in brothel activity (zina and the like) despite its villainy and immorality does not efface Imaan nor does it have the disastrous immoral consequences which are integral to university life.
A person who emerges from a brothel after indulgence in zina, comes out with remorse, regret and shame. He does, in most case, gain the taufeeq for Taubah. He does not justify his fujoor. He conceals his villainy. On the other hand, in direct contrast, the John and Jane, even if they profess to be Muslims, indulge in the fisq, fujoor and kufr which are integral to all universities. It does not cross their minds that they are wallowing in filth, immorality and kufr. They are proud of their haraam accomplishments or shenanigans. They justify all their haraam, and emerge from university with arrogance flaunting scrap degrees and donkey qualifications.
Consequently, they never acquire the taufeeq for Taubah. They perish without Imaan whilst believing all the time that they are ‘Muslims’. They are in fact Munaafiqeen of the worst kind. You say: “We realised that it is completely haraam to be learning such things irrespective of physically being in school or not.”

We are not aware of the full content of what is being taught online. However, if the full content is haraam as you say, then obviously it will be haraam to pursue such satanic education even online.
The ‘need’ for Muslim doctors and lawyers is trounced by the imperative need to preserve Imaan and Akhlaaq. It is never permissible to pursue a ‘need’ at the price of sacrificing Imaan and Akhlaaq. If the universities stipulate that a condition for admission is to renounce your Imaan and adopt interfaith, that is to believe that Islam is not the absolute truth, will a true Muslim succumb to this kufr for the sake of the ‘need’ which in reality is a hallucinated need?
If the hallucinated need does materialize and becomes a reality in the future, then the Shariah allows it to be surmounted by resorting to the services of kuffaar physicians. Hence, Muslims are not faced with the problem of selection between two evils – a greater evil and a lesser evil. This principle comes into operation only when there is absolutely no third halaal option available. But in this case, there is no incumbency to pursue donkey education and in the process of this satanic pursuit to lose one’s Imaan and Akhlaaq. The answer is simply to abstain from this haraam secular pursuit.
Furthermore, understand well that Muslims who pursue secular careers are not motivated by any altruism. They are not out to become philanthropists. On the contrary, the sole objective is the boodle. Doctors, among all these secularists, are the worst, vilest and most brutal scoundrels. They are real butchers, physically and figuratively. The rare exceptions are obviously excluded from this pejorative appraisal.
That “they all turned out just fine in the end”, is a massive shaitaani deception. In reality, the vast majority remain munaafiq, kaafir and murtad while professing to be Muslims. Their Aqaaid and Akhlaaq are absolutely corrupt and spiritually nauseating. Just view the statements of flagrant kufr which so-called ‘islamic’ medical associations issue. They wallow in kufr. Even those whose Imaan has not been effaced, do not emerge unscathed from university. Their Imaan and Akhlaaq are adversely affected to some degree. You will be able to glean this Imaani damage in the writings of sincere professors who had the good fortune to become mureeds of Akaabir Ulama. They are just unable to totally shed the cocoon of kufr, fisq and fujoor which was fitted on to their brains at university.
You will not be able to respond to such individuals “with respect”. You simply have to call a spade a spade and say with clarity to them that they are on the path leading to Jahannam. Don’t waste time in the futile attempt to convince those for whom kufr and Jahannam have been ordained. Allah Ta’ala guides whomever He wills, and He misleads whomever He wills.

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