I’m in my 22nd week of pregnancy and various doctors have picked up quite a few complications in this pregnancy. The complications that are concerning with regards to the baby are as follows – a rare condition which cannot be treated, called Cystic Hygroma. The child has a huge lump surrounding its neck filled with fluid causing the child to not breathe well and suppressing his organs. 

Hydropsfetalis – the entire body is swelling up with fluid in its skin, lungs and abdomen which has resulted in the lungs to be poorly developed and is 1/4 in size of what it’s supposed to be. The organs are all being crushed by this fluid. This is causing heart failure at a slow pace .

There’s also concern with the child’s limbs as they haven’t been growing in proportion to my pregnancy term, it’s a few weeks back, so the child has regressive growth.
The baby also hasn’t been picking up weight .

There’s a 50 % chance of the mother picking up the exact same syndrome as the baby and its concluded as a high risk, life-threatening pregnancy for mother and child.

Doctors have come to the conclusion that the child has no hope for survival and have opted for a termination of pregnancy before 24 weeks , so the mother will deliver normally at 24 weeks knowing the child won’t survive as after 24 weeks if there’s any complications with the mother,  doctors will have to intervene and according to medical terms save the mother’s life under preferential circumstances and intervene with the baby’s heart. Please advise. Will it be permissible to do as the doctors advise?

Doctors are atheists. Even those who profess to be Muslims, but proffer advice of atheists, are in fact atheists even if they perform Salaat and generally act like Muslims. Saving life is NEVER within their power. Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“No person will die except at the appointed time with the permission of Allah.”

The deformities of the unborn child are created by Allah Azza Wa Jal. The Qur’aan Majeed states this fact with clarity. The doctors are prescribing haraam because of their lack of Imaan, or because their extremely deficient Imaan dangles by a thread with them on the precipice of falling into Jahannaam. It is absolutely haraam to resort to any method to kill the unborn child.

If the child has to die or if the mother has to die or if both have to die, it will by Divine Ordainment. The conclusion of the doctors that there is no hope for the child’s survival, whether valid or not, does not constitute a lawful basis for committing a haraam act, that is abortion. Termination of the pregnancy at this stage is MURDER of a living human being. It is haraam. The doctors are under the spell of Iblees.

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