A Brother from Durban writes:

There are quite a few Masaajid and Musallas in Durban and Pietermaritzburg that have employed women to clean the ablution blocks and wash the towels. When menfolk and Musaafirs (travellers) go to these Masaajid between Salaah times it’s extremely uncomfortable because most of these women are kuffaar wearing tight clothing and skirts. These women have no idea at all concerning hijaab. They are either in the Wudu and toilet areas and sometimes even in the Sehn areas.

At times there’s mingling with the Imaam, Muazzin, and having conversations. Some employ women from Malawi. These women greet the men and try to be friendly.

These types of activities greatly affect the Masjid environment and spoil the peace.

Please comment and advise. (End of letter)

It is not permissible to employ females to clean Musjids. The exposure and mingling are haraam. It appears that the motivation for this haraam employment is to save some rands. Although the wages paid to foreign males is a mere pittance, the pittance is further reduced when females are employed.

The presence of females in the Musaajid environs is a powerful trap of Iblees for cultivating immorality. There is no valid reason for employing women to clean Musaajid. Women in the Musaajid or in the environs of the Musaajid are a FITNAH.

11 Shawwaal 1443 – 13 May 2022

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