Another Zina platform is the ‘counselling’ venues of so-called ‘counsellors’ who are in terms of the Shariah morons engaging in kuffaar ‘counselling’ methodologies which are devoid of Deeni substance. A Brother presenting his experience writes:


I called earlier the Jamiat today regarding a dr. Sader who also stresses that he is a qualified clinical psychologist and aalim. His practice is at 478 Ridge Rd. in Durban.

Due to an issue regarding my marriage, a family member encouraged my wife to book an appointment with him to counsel us on our marital problems. I was not keen and said I would rather go to Jamiat. However my wife said we went there previously and she was not happy, and insisted for our marriage to work we need to go see this man.

While there an incident occurred where he opened the gate without knowing who was at the gate. It was a homeless man who came inside. While me and Dr. Sader was in one room my wife was in the other room breastfeeding. I got quite upset and asked Dr. Sader what is wrong with him to allow someone inside without even checking who it was especially as we were in a closed room and he could have gone to the room my wife was in.

He thereafter told my wife that he will not be able to continue the session with me and that will have to be approximately 40 more minutes alone with my wife in the room. The room has no cameras and no one else inside the building. I called Mufti Bassa and asked him is there any space in Shariah for allowing this? As we all know irrespective of the condition, when a male and a female Is in a room the 3rd person is shaitaan. He said he was not aware of this Dr. Sader Chap but perhaps others in Jamiat were.

Dr Sader himself said he works extensively with Jamiat, Darul Ihsan and other organizations. I have also found out that a few other women also see him for ‘counselling’ on a one to one basis. Although part of my marriage problem was chatting to other woman, I admit that I am wrong and that is totally haraam. But I find it hard to digest someone lecturing me on Shariah and halaal and haraam when they request to see woman on a one to one basis, without even at least bringing in another female companion. Then is the audacity on top this: he tells my wife next time she should leave the child at home so they can have a better ‘session.’ Note as well my wife also talked to this man about our intimacy with which he had no problems listening to because he is ‘trained’ to do.

Please advise on the status of this doctor’s shenanigans as well as Jamiat working relationship with him. Jazakallah. (End of the Brother’s letter)

It is imperative to advise you, the Jamiat and the Muslim community regarding the filth, obscenity, stupidity and fraud of these western kuffaar methodologies of so-called ‘counselling’. From the Shariah perspective, their ‘counselling’ is laughable satanic drivel, utterly ludicrous and devoid of any benefit whatsoever. On the contrary, these crank counsellors aggravate and further bedevil their ‘counselling’ with zina contact with stupid, gullible women. Some women who have prostitute tendencies enjoy these zina sessions.

The attitude of husbands who permit their wives to be in zina contact with the frauds and cranks is indeed disgusting. Such husbands are bereft of any ghairat (Imaani honour and shame). How is it possible for a man of Imaan to allow his wife to be in a closed room with some scoundrel listening to her intimate relationship with her husband or perhaps with some other adulterous partner of whom the husband is unaware? Such men have been described by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as ‘dayyooth’. While the literal meaning of this word is ‘cuckold’, it has a strong pejorative connotation equating to the abusive term ‘swine’.

The molvis of the Jamiat who are confederates with these moron ‘counsellors’ should hang their heads with shame and be disgusted with themselves for these haram shenanigans in which they are involved and in which they entrap the ignorant and unwary. Are these juhhaal molvis not aware of the Hadith: “Never be alone with a woman for, most certainly the third one present is Shaitaan.”

The other bogus Jusa jamiat in Gauteng, namely, the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, operates a veritable escort agency with a group of female so-called ‘counsellors’ who ‘counsel’ stupid males on marital issues. Just imagine, even unmarried moron females advising stupid married men on intimate issues pertaining to their marriage!!!

It is haram for both men and women to visit these crank ‘counsellors’. Their ‘counselling’ and their advices are all nafsaani flotsam inspired by Iblees.

The counselling for Muslims is only the Qur’aan and Sunnah which are ensconced in the Shariah. Muslims, whether they have problems of whatever kind or have no problems, should regularly read the life episodes and advices of the Auliya. Insha-Allah, they will then gain adequate counselling and a better understanding of the problematic issues in their marriages.

Marital problems stem from lack of Taqwa and from jahaalat. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “Narrate (to the people) the stories (of the Ambiya, Auliya and the people of bygone times), so that they reflect (and understand what is wrong with themselves).”

Guidance and solutions are confined to the Shariah. The only guidance for Muslims is the Sunnah. There are answers and solutions for all issues in the Sunnah, and there are NO answers and no solutions in the kufr, lewd advices of these crank ‘counsellors’ schooled in the methodologies excreted by atheists.

A woman who insists on seeing a male ‘counsellor’ is immoral and behaves like a prostitute. A husband who allows his wife to be in such immoral contact with the Ibleesi ‘counsellor’ is a despicable Dayyooth. Molvis who encourage such obscene, haraam ‘counselling’, especially by jaahil males, are worse than khanaazeer. The western concept of ‘counselling’ has absolutely no validity in Islam. It is HARAAM.

11 Shawwaal 1443 – 13 May 2022

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